Crawford Country (Anarchy Period)

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Crawford Country

December 15, 2010 — December 31, 2010


Capital cityMeadville
Largest cityMeadville
Official language(s)Pittsburghese
Official religion(s)None
Short nameCrawford
Area claimed1,038
Time zoneEST (UTC -5)

The anarchy period or the fall of Crawford Country was a major time in Pennsylvanian Micronationism, and nearly whipped out micronationism from North-Westsern Pennsylvania.

The Fall

The fall of Crawford began with the resignation of Nathan who was the current Judge of Crawford Country. He left no one to replace his role causing everyone to claim his seat as Judge of Crawford Country.

Mac's Letter

Mac Coat sent a letter to all citizens of Crawford telling them that he receive a call from Nathan telling him that he received the rule of judge. Most of the citizens did not believe Mac and protested Mac in the Judges seat. Mac resigned the next day.

Shadow Governments

As the seat is empty, the citizens created their own governments. These one man governments varied ideologies but all claim the same land.

Crawford Convention

On December 18 a convention was held at a restaurant in Titusville. Everyone learned about the other governments and declare war against each other.

The Last War



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The War

The Last War was fought in Meadville. After a massive snow ball war the PPG won and claim victroy. Ending Crawford Country.

The Exodus

After the fall of Crawford Country. All but two citizens left micronationism. This was called the Exodus. By the time of the Westsylvania War Most of the citizens came back to micronationism.