County of Ruwatar

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County of Rü'wätàr
Pezbev seĵ Rü'wätàr


FoundedMay 25th 2014
Area42.7 sq mi (110.59 km2)

The County of Rü'wätàr is a county within the Huro-Atlantic State of Dezisab. It has a population of 26,882 and a land area of 42.7 sq mi (110.59 km2). In the State of Dezisab , it ranks First in Population and 2nd in land area. In the nation as a whole, the county ranks (TBD) in Population and (TBD) in land area. There is no Chief of the County of Rü'wätàr.


The county seat is approximately 15 miles (24 km) southeast of the Irish Hills area, an area known for its many lakes and rolling hills, and home to the Irish Famine Memorial and the Speedway. Many town residents take advantage of this area for boating and recreation. Devils Lake, Round Lake, Posey Lake and Wamplers Lake are popular weekend destinations only a few miles away.