County of Rakwiktar

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County of Rakwiktar
Pezbev seĵ Rakwiktàr


2nd Level Region
FoundedNovember 20th 2013
Area4.87 sq mi (12.61 km2)

The County of Rakwiktar was a county within the Huro-Atlantic State of Regrabetpar. It had a population of 16,706 and a land area of 4.87 sq mi (12.61 km2). In the State of Regrabetpar , it ranked Last (5th) in Population and in land area. In the nation as a whole, the county ranked 10th in Population and 7th in land area.


Rakwiktar County was a Mainly Urban Area, lying an average of around 10 feet above sea level, and slopes up to around 25 feet. Rakwiktar County is on the coast of Krejwev Drīosÿ (Old Tampa Bay), a Smaller part of the Èrklàr Òrv (Tampa Bay). The county border in the north-east follows the Lesakzak Pø (Possum Branch) which which was drained to make way for the Lake Tarpon Outflow Canal. the central and south-east border follows the center line of the Krejwev Drīosÿ, which was determined by drawing lines from one coast to the other, and then tracing a line through each midpoint. The West border follows County Road 611, and the South Border follows the Kwilăbä Pø (Alligator Creek) and it's former course through Kwilăbä Drīosÿ (Alligator Lake).


Rakwiktar County consisted entirely of the City of Orv-Klitebyk (or Safety Harbor in English), which is nicknamed "The Jewel of Tampa Bay". Orv-Klitebyk holds a Large Festival every third Friday of each month, which is thus named "The Third Friday Festival". Orv-Klitebyk is also home to a Luxurious Spa and Resort, which draws water from underlying mineral springs. The Spa is also famed for its four huge ballrooms, used for special events such as parties, marriages and feasts. The Parents of President Stùrd were married in one such ballroom in 2008.

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