County of Letbwegras

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County of Letbwegras
Pezbev seĵ Letbwegras


Area268.9 sq mi (696.45 km2)

The County of Letbwegras is a county within the Huro-Atlantic State of Regrabetpar. It has a population of 899,658 and a land area of 268.9 sq mi (696.45 km2). In the State of Regrabetpar , it ranks 1st in Population and 2nd in land area. In the nation as a whole, the county ranks 1st in Population and 3rd in land area. There is no Chief of the County of Letbwegras.


The County of Letbwegras can be traced back to the State of Pinellas, which resided in the Republic of Hillsborough. The State was Disestablished upon the foundation of the Huro-Atlantic Federation. On November 20, 2013, Letbwegras was revived as a county, the County of Pinellas, later named Letbwegras. On December 31, 2013, Letbwegras was Disestablished and Incorporated into the Territory of Rakwiktria-Regrabetpar. However, on January 9, 2014, it was Revived along with the other counties, and from then until May 25, 2014, County Ø took up what is now northern Letbwegras. From May 25 until July 5, 2014, the Municipal County of Letbaw also took up areas of what is now Letbwegras. It resided in the south of the county and consisted entirely of Letbaw City. Letbaw City is now a standard City in Letbwegras, although it is now the largest city in the County.