County of Kazeb

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County of Kazeb
Pezbev seĵ Kazeb


FoundedNovember 20th 2013
Area756.28 sq mi (1958.76 km2)

The County of Kazeb is a county within the Huro-Atlantic State of Regrabetpar. It has a population of 686,304 and a land area of 756.28 sq mi (1958.76 km2). In the State of Regrabetpar, it ranks 2nd in Population and 1st in land area. In the nation as a whole, the county ranks 2nd in Population and 1st in land area. There is no Chief of the County of Kazebia.


The Area known as Kazebia was founded as 2 counties in the now defunct Republic of Hillsborough, Called Ruskin and Corner Counties. Corner County occupied the lands north of the Ragrejatar Itefwii (Alafia River), and Ruskin County Occupied the Lands South of said River. The Two Counties were annexed back to the United States upon the Formation of the Huro-Atlantic Federation on January 8, 2013. Upon the Extension of Huro-Atlantic Land claims on November 20 of the same year, Kazebia County was created under the name Sun County. On December 20, the Name was changed to Kazebia due to that being the Rakwiktrab Word for Sun, a name that was later changed to Kazebtar and then shortened to just Kazeb.