County of Gawgrabrez

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County of Gawgrabrez
Pezbev seĵ Găgrabrez


FoundedJuly 1st 2013
Area2,532 sq miles (6,558 km²)

The County of Gawgrabrez is a county within the Huro-Atlantic State of Dezisab. It has a population of 21,708 and a land area of 2,532 sq mi (6,558 km2). In the State of Dezisab , it ranks First in Population and First in land area. In the nation as a whole, the county ranks 5th in Population and 2nd in land area. There is no Chief of the County of Gawgrabrez.


The County's name is a direct translation of the name "Leelanau" into the Rakwiktrab Language. The name "Leelanau" is said to be a Native American word meaning "delight of life", but it is a neologism made up by Native American agent and ethnographer Henry Schoolcraft, who sometimes gave the name "Leelinau" to Native American women in his tales. He created many faux Indian place names in Dezisab and the rest of Katpadti'rab, from syllables from Ojibwe, Latin and Arabic. This source contends that the Ojibwas did not use the letter "L".

More recently, however, scholars have established that Leelinau was first used as a pen name by Henry's wife, Jane Johnston Schoolcraft, in writings for The Literary Voyager, a family magazine which they wrote together in the 1820s.Jane Johnston was of Ojibwa and Scots-Irish descent, and wrote in Ojibwe and English. While her writing was not published formally in her lifetime (except as Schoolcraft appropriated it under his own name), Jane Johnston Schoolcraft has been recognized as "the first Native American literary writer, the first known Indian woman writer, the first known Indian poet, the first known poet to write poems in a Native American language, and the first known American Indian to write out traditional Indian stories." In 2008 Jane Johnston Schoolcraft was inducted into the Dezisab Women's Hall of Fame.

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