County of Esiped

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County of Esiped
Pezbev seĵ Esiped


Capital city
Largest city
Official language(s)English
Regrabetapek Rakwiktrab
- County ChiefEmpty
EstablishedMay 25th 2014
Area claimed34.57 acres

The County of Esiped is county within the Huro-Atlantic state of Dezisab. It has an area of 34.57 acres and a Population of 5. This makes Esiped the smallest county in Huro-Atlantica by both Area and Population. Esiped's Main export is the ginseng plant. The plant's Root is used as a medicinal product, and the plant is also used in many foods and drinks. It's high value and high demand makes it an ideal product to grow in the Local Woodlands, due to the high numbers of Red Maple Trees, especially within the County. The County also features a Horse Arena and a Shooting Range, which are all Privately Owned by Esiped's sole Landowner. Esiped is where the first Huro-Atlantic Birth occured, and also where the only Licensed Gun Owner in the Nation lives.