Country of Concrete

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The Country of Concrete
Motto: Viva La Concrete!
Anthem: "Friday" by Rebecca Black
and largest city
The Hub
Official languagesEnglish, CóŇçṙetiồn
Atheism, Agnosticism
GovernmentTotalitarian democracy
• President
Daniel P. Simons
EstablishmentJune 17, 1969
• Estimate
51 (incl. the Moon)
CurrencyConcretion Dollar
Time zoneUTC

The Country of Concrete is a small micronation located on a former military base in Manila Bay, in the Philippines. It was established in 1969 by a group called The Lost Ones, later the Collaborative Party of Concrete. Concrete's government was started by its first president, John Watney.

Political Side of Concrete

There are currently four political parties.

Party name Year established
Collaborative Party of Concrete 1969
Concretions for Hope Party 1971
Cemente Natio Party 1969
Limecrete Party of Concrete 1970

The nation runs a parliamentary like government with 2 members from each district elected into office. General elections have only occurred twice in Concrete history, and smaller elections occur every two years.


Elections in Concrete are rare. They have only occurred twice in the nation's history: once in 1969, and then again in 2019.

Concretion elections only occur when an administration is successfully overthrown, when a president dies, or when the president resigns, or if confidence of the president's power is in question by both the Senate and House of Representatives. The Supreme Court formerly played a role in the ouster of the government this but was ended due to corruption.

Citizens can remove the government by petition, or filling out the required paperwork and returning it to the election bureau. There was a third way to overthrow the government but it has since been ruled unconstitutional by President Daniel Simons in 2021.

Changing administration is rare, and a change was only successfully achieved once, in 2019. If confidence in the President's administration is completely lost, the president will be removed from office and barred from ever holding public office again.

Elections usually work similarly to the U.S. Political parties pick one candidate to represent their party. However, Parties can choose not to participate in an election. Citizens then vote for their favorite candidate, once the votes are counted the victor is declared. So far, there have only been two presidents. President John Watney (1969–2019), and President Daniel Simons (Current). There is no official Vice President position.

Concretion Political Parties:
Party Alignment
The Collaborative Party of Concrete Center
Concretions For Hope Party Far right
Cemente Natio Party Ooga Booga
The Limecrete Party of Concrete Limecretion

The Concretions for Hope Party is inactive as of March 2022. John Watney was the groups last member that actively lived on Concrete. Although the party is able to make a return if Clarissa Thompson is allowed back onto Concretion soil. All members of the party have been incarcerated.E

Life on Concrete

Concrete is a small yet strong nation. The country has modernized over the last 30 years. Cities have grown x2. Every year Concrete gets supplies from the mainland delivered via boat or helicopter. If supplies are low, the Concretion people will survive off of local foods and beverages. Which can be found in marketplaces, farmers markets, grocery stores, and more. An appointed cabinet is in charge of ordering supplies for the country, and citizens can send in suggestions for items they'd like to have. Concrete's tallest structure is The Concrete Wall, with a height of 420 ft. It is a literal concrete wall, and is used as the country's theme park.N

Presidents & Politicians

President Daniel P. Simons

Daniel Simons born June 7, 1989, Northern Side of Concrete, is the current President of The Country of Concrete. During his election he offered a plan to modernize Concrete with public funding and rallying. Despite him being the President, he is also a Senator for the Northern Side. He is the son of Chad Simons. From a young age Daniel didn't see his father as Chad was exiled after attempting to overthrow (now) Former President John Watney. In his teenage years he began a relationship with Clarissa B Thompson, They very quickly got married but due to Clarissa's veganism Daniel was driven nearly insane and chose to divorce. Clarissa didn't at first agree to divorce but as soon as she found out about Daniel's mayo fetish she broke off the marriage immediately. They now to this day despise each other.

On June 14, 2023, the official Twitter account for the popular mayonnaise brand Hellman's Mayo responded to Daniel Simons. Daniel left a reply on their tweet saying the following: "bread ruins the mayo, I eat it rawwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Daniel is now starting correspondence with the brand claiming he is the mayo man.

As of November 5, 2020 Daniel Simons has defeated his opponent Eliza White who challenged to overthrow the Simons' Administration in September. in late November 2020, Alongside the creation of the Concretion Space Agency, Daniel Simons sentenced Eliza White to death by Sun.I

Former President John H. Watney

President John H. Watney was born on June 17, 1944, in Providence, Rhode Island, United States of America. His mother died of cancer when he was four years old, and his father soon followed two years later in 1950. After both of his parents deaths, his aunt and uncle took care of him until he was 18. He also studied law at Harvard. In his early to mid twenties he and his college friends decided to visit the Philippines. When the group arrived they saw an abandoned concrete island in the middle of the bay, this island would later become The Country of Concrete. The group bought the island off of the government and began the country. They all chose to renounce their U.S. Citizenship, and began a new life in Concrete.

John Watney was soon after elected to be the first ever president of The Country of Concrete. He had good ratings while in office though towards the end of his life Watney was declining in popularity. He was succeeded by Daniel P. Simons who continues to reign today. John H. Watney was pronounced dead on January 28, 2022, after failing to respond to a tweet from President Daniel Simons asking him if he loved him. He was 78 years old.

John Watney's final words were reportedly "what ever happened to death to simons."S


English is the official language of Concrete. Some citizens created their own dialect called CóŇçṙetiồn but it isn't widespread. English is taught in school for foreigners on an exchange program to concrete. Swedish is outlawed, and an executable offense.

Concrete's World Participation

Concrete is not a part of the UN. and was delivered papers to never contact the UN ever again. Concrete has attempted repeatedly, to create a diplomatic relationship with the United States, to no avail. So far the only countries to see Concrete as its own separate country are the following; Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. George De Rumble is the only diplomat working for Concrete and oversees all international relations with said Nordic and Scandinavian countries.

Other Information


Recently, the movie rental company RedBox responded to a tweet by President Daniel Simons. Because of this incredible moment, citizens of Concrete are now required to rent a movie from the nations one and only RedBox every month.

Citizen Census Bureau of Concrete

In 2004 the Concretions for Hope Party set fire to the Citizen Census Bureau of Concrete. The bureau was able to rebuild their offices, but was unable to find reputable and regular funding from the Concretion government or other major companies. This in the end caused the bureau to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy that same year.

Concrete Space Agency

In late November 2020 the Concretion Government started the Concretion Space Agency. They launched their first mission which was a manned mission to the Sun. As of 5/13/21 all communication with the command module has ceased. The astronaut Eliza White has been pronounced dead.

On March 30, 2022, Fred Norelginf Chief Commander of the Concretion Military announced that the country had started a new classified project involving nuclear power in association with the Concrete Space Agency. "We are not creating weapons of mass destruction, we just want really fucking bad ass fireworks lmao." Chief Commander Norelginf said in a statement to the press on 3/31/2022.

Active Missions
Mission "To The Sun But Not Back"

Update as of 6/3/2021:

Eliza White; a former Concretions For Hope political candidate, was launched from Concrete after losing the election. The target or, destination of the vessel she was launched on was the Sun. It was confirmed in June 2021 that she had burned in the Sun, along with the vessel.

The Goals of The Concretion Space Agency

1. Establish the first space colony in micronation history. (one that does not explode).

2. Create a more cheap version of the International Space Station.

3. Take control of the entire galaxy and force all living things to bow down to President Daniel Simons. The new name for the galaxy by then will be called; The Concrete Galaxy. Opponents will be vaporized.

4. Put the first jar of mayonnaise on the moon.


In June 2019 before the Daniel Simons vs. John Watney election, North Korea declared war on Concrete after a post on Daniel Simons' Facebook page. The North Koreans retaliated by assassinating Concretion Ambassador to North Korea Jeffrey Rodrick. Concrete then sanctioned North Korea and banned them from Concrete. Later a North Korean battleship fired at the side of Concrete killing 2 and injuring 10. As of January 10, 2022 The Country of Concrete has claimed victory over North Korea. The two nations were at war with each other from 2019 to 2022. Concrete lost only 5 soldiers. North Korea and Concrete haven't re-established diplomatic relations since the Concretion's claimed victory.

As of March 2, 2022 During the Moon vs. Sun Conflict and almost all out war, The Country of Concrete has stated that they will be willing to open diplomatic relations with both entities. They have also alerted the Concretion military in the case of the sun attacking Earth. President Simons addressed the Concretion public on March 2, 2022, claiming that the country will be prepared for an all out war on the sun if it comes to the situation.

Fred Norelginf's Vacation

On June 29, 2022, Fred decided to take a vacation and fly to the U.S. State of Hawaii. It was unknown how long he intended to be on vacation, but after his departure, Concrete had hit a major snag in economic growth, Multiple agencies entered a partial shut down. Electrical power had been switched to solar power as a last resort. Plumbing was offline, Internet was doing fine. The only thing that was running well was the Government, which to say the least wasn't actually running well.

Update: August 2, 2022. Fred has been found! he was lost in the woods in Nome, Alaska. He was reportedly asking moss for directions. He has been sent back to Concrete via shipping container, just in time for Concrete's Patron saint; Ben Long's arrival on the island.

Update: August 8, 2022. Fred has arrived home safely. The nation's infrastructure is running perfectly now.

Fred Norelginf's Vacation 2 Electric Boogaloo

On August 30, 2023, Fred Norelginf decided to once again take another vacation despite being told to never do so again because of the consequences on the nation's economy. Fred is currently vacationing in the U.S. state of Alaska. the nation is on fire again. As of November 3rd 2023, Fred Norelginf is off grid. No one knows his location or if he is still alive. One of his more recent tweets stated this "Uh oh guys, one of the bears is hungry".

The Moon

The moon, that orbits Earth, is an official citizen of The Country of Concrete as of March 2022. No, you do not get any context.

Daniel Simons' Mayo Festival

The first annual mayo festival hosted and founded by President Daniel Simons. It has mayo and that's pretty much it

Notable People of Concrete

Fred Norelginf

Fred Norelginf born June 17, 1991, is a Concretion government employee who runs the Concrete Federal Police, Immigration Office, Tourism Board, Military, CEPA (Concretion Environmental Protection Agency), Concretion Space Agency, Boarder Patrol, Concretion Department of Homeland Security, all domestic and international trade routes, Banking, Concretion Department of Treasury, Water Filtration and Distribution Service, Concrete's one and only Apple store, Concrete's prison system, N.I.I.A.C. (National & International Intelligence Agency of Concrete), Ministry of Agriculture, Fly Concretion Airlines (Concrete's one and only airline), Concrete's Secret Service, Every grocery store, Concretion Aviation Safety Board (C.A.S.B.), The entire electrical grid around Concrete, Every single life guard tower, Air Traffic Control and airspace, Waste Management, Justice Department, Supreme Court, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Concrete Campus, and many other things.

As of October 26, 2022 Fred is now the official Vice President of the Country of Concrete. (VPOTCOC).

Around 96% of Concrete's Unemployment is because of Fred Norelginf. We're not too sure how he's able to do all of this either. To be fully honest he deserves an award for all of this work.

Clarissa B. Thompson

Official Document of Clarissa B Thompson's Exile

Clarissa B. Thompson (a.k.a Clarissa Be Thompson) is an activist for veganism which is illegal on Concrete. She was exiled in 2020, but broke international law by falsifying documents such as passport, and medical records. She is the ex-wife of President Daniel Simons (praise Ben). Everyone on the island including her son hates her. John Watney and Clarissa had an affair but it ended after John died in November 2021.

She is now living on the island, and is under house arrest. Her son James is also in Daniel's custody.

She has tried, and failed repeatedly to petition to legalize veganism nationwide. Veganism remains illegal all across Concrete.

Ben Long

Ben Long is a flat earther, and U.S. Far right conspiracy theorist, and possibly a Q-Anon supporter as well. Up until January 20, 2023, Ben was the official Patron Saint of the Country of Concrete, despite him never living in Concrete. In July 2022 Ben was personally invited to present to the Concretion School System to teach them his ways of spreading misinformation. Over the last three years he's lost 126 followers on Twitter. President Simons has been helping Ben keep track by dming ben the following: "Congrats on [insert number here] followers!" On January 9, 2023, after months of going back and forth about followers and Daniel Simons started to do the math on the percentage of how many followers Ben has lost over the years. Ben has disputed this and has claimed to have "Ran" the numbers again and determined him the victor. Daniel Simons has since disputed this, and created a slideshow presentation proving that Ben will lose.File:Why I, Daniel Simons, will beat Bengemin Long..pdf

As of January 20, 2023, after a long conversation about the presentation, Ben Long has blocked President Daniel Simons on Twitter. Therefore, breaching national law, and committing treason against the Country of Concrete. He will be held accountable by resigning as the Patron Saint of Concrete. Ben Long is currently hated by the entire nation, painting Ben Long in a good light is illegal and a jailable offence with a minimum of 8 months in Concrete Federal Prison with a CD$5,000 fine, maximum of 2 years and a CD$100,000 fine and community service for 5 months.

Chad Simons

Chad Simons is the father of Daniel Simons, and grandfather of James P Thompson. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America on August 4, 1955. He became involved with Concrete after hearing about it from John Watney who was his college roommate (yes Chad went to Harvard). Chad would eventually meet Carol Blois who he married 3 years into their relationship. Chad and Carol's relationship could be characterized as inspirational. Carol unfortunately passed away while giving birth to Daniel Simons. She was cremated and her ashes were used to make a portrait of her that still hangs on a mantel place in the Simons' home. She is deeply missed.

Chad was exiled in 1989 as a result of losing an election to incumbent President John H. Watney. He was unexiled in 2019 for a total count of 30 years. After reuniting with his son that year he pushed his son to attempt a coup against John Watney, it failed. But Daniel was eventually elected president, successfully ending John Watney's government. He currently lives in retirement in the Simons' family home in the capital city of the Northern Side.

James P Thompson

James P Thompson is the son of Daniel Simons and Clarissa B Thompson. He was born on March 10, 2000, in the city of AAHHHH ITS ON FIRE located on the north-side of Concrete. He is 23 years old.

He describes himself as "edgy." and he was locked in Clarissa's basement for years. James graduated last in his class at the Concrete Highschool for Idiots. He is currently unemployed and lives with his father Daniel Simons in the Cement House. He was heavily mistreated by his mother Clarissa for years. Clarissa lost all custody of him in 2022.


Not much is known about Mike, including his last name. What we do know is that he runs the official Twitter page of the country. (@concrete_gov). He also serves as the president's secretary, and personal assistant. Mike currently does the following for Daniel. Mike has been used as a: Chair, table, tennis racket, a plate, a canvas, a bed, a dog bed for daniel's non-existent dog, a cheese grater, shower, punching bag, target practice, model, and a few other things that aren't public yet.

Mike currently lives in Daniel's office, and does not have a home. Fred Norelginf attempted to take Mike's job but that failed.

Concrete Federal Police

The Concrete Federal Police is an official government foundation created back in the 1960s when the country was created. They oversee all law enforcement in the country. When they were founded they had around 20 members, that has since dropped to 4, due to an unprecedented amount of corruption, greed and undermining from the Watney administration. The CFP lost much of their budget after opening an investigation on Watney's involvement with the Swedish mafia group called; "Infoga Maffianamn Här Eller Något". The Simon's administration has started to give the CFP their budget back but it's been challenging to find the money.

The CFP is the only government organization that actually does its job. However, in 2022, Fred Norelginf swapped all guns and artillery with water guns. Forcing the department to change their tactics when it came to crushing crime rates in Concrete. On November 18, 2022, the CFP has asked Fred to return their weapons.

Eliza White

Eliza White was a Concretions for Hope presidential candidate in 2020, and Vegan Activist. She ran against incumbent Daniel Simons. She lost, and was exiled from Concrete for Life, and sentenced to "death by magical floating ball of plasma and other insanely awesome and bats--t crazy things." (the sun). She was declared dead in 2021.

George De Rumble

George De Rumble born April 13, 1972, on the Midwest-side of Concrete in the city of Oops I'm Dyslexic. He is Concretes only diplomat and news reporter. He runs the Concrete Slab newspaper. In 2020 he was diagnosed with stage 5 leukemia. He continues to write for the Concrete Slab and is still an active diplomat as he slowly dies. also His mother died on July 9, 2023, and now he is alone.

Jeffery Rodrick

Jeffery Rodrick was a Concretion ambassador to North Korea, he served his country well up until his sudden assassination which was conducted by Kim Jong Un himself in 2019. He was 68. Jeffery is survived by his daughter who has asked to remain anonymous for her safety. A monument was built in his memory on the eastern shore of Concrete, it is guarded by 4 national guardsmen, a sniper, and a rogue militant type person with a bazooka.

Zara LaTex

Zara LaTex born April 20, 1975, is Concrete's only fortune teller. She claims she can speak to the dead and other spirits.


Chowderhead was the username/nickname of a person who Daniel Simons would often talk to over Twitter DM's. They changed their username to de_rumble sometime after, then later left twitter in 2020, and we're not too sure where they went. A memorial has been built for them. Chowderhead helped campaign for President Daniel Simons by putting Daniel's face into a video game's milk cartons.