Council of Ambassadors (Libereco)

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Council of Ambassadors
Konsilio de Ambasadoroj
The first legislature
Council of Ambassadors.png
First AmbassadorLeon Simpson, DU
Members2 Ambassadors
Council political groupsGovernment
  •      DU (1)


  •      I (1)
Council voting systemFirst-past-the-post
Meeting place
Libereco Capitol, Albertine

The Council of Ambassadors of the people of Libereco (commonly referred to simply as the Council of Ambassadors) is the legislative assembly of the Federation of Libereco, a constituent of Amager. The Council assembles at the Libereco Capitol in Alberine, Libereco's capital city.

The Council is elected for a 3 month term by current conventions, with both of Richmond's communes electing to the Council. The Council is currently led by a Democratic Union government with Leon Simpson as First Ambassador.Template:Libereco Nav