Corian language

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Native to Coria, Rotar, Central Serbia
Region Balkans
Ethnicity Corians
Native speakers 22
Language family Indo-European
Type Constructed language
Official status
Official language  Kingdom of Coria
Minority status  Nedland
Regulated by University of Coria

Corian is a South Slavic constructed language native to the Kingdom of Coria and its surrounding area, and is based on Serbian and Serbo-Croatian.

Writing System

Corian Language is using one writing system, Latin.



Diferrence from Serbian


Corian alphabet does not contain Serbian letters č, ć, đ, š and ž.

Dž - Dz

Serbian letter Dž in Corian language is written like Dz.


Word (EN) Word (CO)
Hello, Hi Zdravo, Cao, Gde si
How are you, What's up? Kako si, sta ima?
What are you doing? Sta radis, Sta se radi?