Corian Orthodox Church

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Corian Orthodox Church
Korijanska Pravoslavna Crkva

Founder Nikola I
Founded 30 November 2015
Headquarters Coria
Territory Coria
Language Corian
Adherents 5

The Corian Orthodox Church is the official religion of the Kingdom of Coria.

Saint book

The saint book of Corian Orthodox Church is Corian Orthodox Bible.

Religious holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day 1 January None
Christmas eve 6 January Holy Communion
John the Baptist day
Christmas day
7 January Saint meal
St. Basil of Caesarea Day 14 January Saint Meal
Revelation day 30 November Revelation of this religion
Corian Thanksgiving Eve 24 December Saint meal
Corian Thanksgiving Day 25 December Saint meal
New Year Eve 31 December None
Name Date Notes
Easter TBD (2017) Holy communion
Saint meal

Leader of church

The Corian Orthodox Church has no leader, believers consider religion as freedom.

List of churches

Kind of Church Place
John the Baptist Church Coria, Coria