Corian credit

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Corian Credit
Official usersCoriaFlag.png Kingdom of Coria
Pegged to0.50 Euros
Coins1 ᴐ, 5 ᴐ, 10 ᴐ
Banknotes10 ᴐ, 20 ᴐ, 50 ᴐ, 100 ᴐ
Central bankNational Bank of Coria

The Corian Credit is an one of the two official currencies in Coria, with Euro. Symbol is .Currency is pegged to 0.50 Euros.


First series (2016-present)

Image Value Dimensions
10CC.jpg 10 ᴐ 6.30 x 14.99 cm
20CC.jpg 20 ᴐ 6.30 x 14.99 cm
50CC.jpg 50 ᴐ 6.30 x 14.99 cm
100CC.jpg 100 ᴐ 6.30 x 14.99 cm


First Series (2016-present)

Image Value Dimensions
1CC.png 1 ᴐ 2cm2
5CC.png 5 ᴐ 2.5cm2
10CC.png 10 ᴐ 3cm2