Copyright Act 2564 (Huai Siao)

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Copyright Act 2021
(Thai):พระราชบัญญัติลิขสิทธิ์ รัชศกปีเปา ๒๕๖๔
General information
Legislator Huai Siao Government
Signer Emperor Pao
Signing date 22 April 2021
Recipient Prince Eun Jo
(Prime Minister)
Response Signing Datet 22 April 2021
Announcement date 22 April 2021
Effective date 22 April 2021
Area used Empire of Huai Siao
Stalker Not
Relevant laws

Copyright Act 2021 It is a law stipulating works that are protected, including literary works, dramatic work, fine arts, music, audiovisual material, film, sound record Broadcasting work Or any other work in the literature department Science department Or art department Of the creator Regardless of the way or form of work such as.
Copyright occurs immediately when the work is created, who created it first. Would be considered the first copyright owner Whoever will reprint the work Not all formats can be published. Until the consent of the owner of the work has been obtained first, therefore, the creation of a copyrighted work and protected by the law is not complicated.

Creative coverage

When creating a work, it is protected by copyright laws. Therefore, the owners' rights must be recognized as to how wide the coverage is. By law, the rights are as follows.

  • Reproduce or modify.
  • Publicize.
  • Rental of originals or copies of computer programs, audiovisual materials, movies and sound recordings.
  • Give others the benefits arising from copyrights.
  • To allow others to exercise the rights mentioned above In which conditions can be set either or not However, such conditions cannot be imposed in such a way as to limit unfair competition.

The owner of the copyright work solely has the power to do all 5 of these items. Anyone who violates the rights of the owner of the work which is protected by law.

Work without copyright

Copyright law also imposes a work that is considered copyright free, meaning that anyone can use the work in whole or in part for personal or public use without first obtaining permission or payment. But do not edit or modify images in a way that is detrimental, including.

  • Daily news and facts that are just news and not work in the literature department. Science department Or art department.
  • The Constitution and law.
  • Regulations, regulations, announcements, orders, explanations and correspondence of any ministry, bureau, department or any other state or local agency.
  • Government judgments, orders, decisions and reports.
  • National Portraits.
  • Translation and compilation of things according to Articles 1 to 5 made by ministries, bureaus, departments or any other government or local agency.


The copyright law clearly defines any behavior that infringes the copyright of other people's work, including duplication or modification. Publish work to the public Which the copyright work of others without permission.

  • Sell, available for sale, offer for sale, lease, offer for lease, hire purchase, or offer for hire purchase.
  • Publicize.
  • Distributed in a way that could cause damage to the copyright owner.
  • Brought or ordered into the empire.

Work protection time

In this way, the law protects the rights and interests of the creators with strict penalties. Also set a period of time By providing protection throughout the life of the creator And lived for another fifty years Since the creator's death. Which the heirs of the creator will be able to benefit from this copyrighted work during that period After ten years This work will become the property of the country, where the state will be the trustee. Including taking care not to cause such modifications to work beyond the reasonable limits or destroying that work