Control of Destiny Series

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Control of Destiny Series, or CoD Series for short - a series of computer games created by micronationalists Bill Dusch and Harvey Steffke, and their micronational company BGI. The series in particular refers to the following games in sequential plot order:

  1. Control of Destiny 1 (CoD1)
  2. Control of Destiny 2 (CoD2)
  3. Jasonia - The Dark One (JDO)
  4. Jasonia - The Light of Hope (JLH)
  5. Control of Destiny 3 (CoD3)

Although the games themselves are works of fiction, they are based heavily on real micronational historic events surrounding the Flying Islands of Jasonia and other micronations that were around in the year 2000. The series also large focuses on magic, weird technology (such as the sort of thing produced by JASO), travel to different eras of time and parallel worlds, and the main tenats of the Soloralist religion. The majority of cast of the games is based on real micronational people, many of which who are still in the hobby today.

CoD1 was released in mid 2000 in a very crude state, having limited gameplay options and somewhat (read: very) terrible graphics. The majority opinion was that video games about the micronational world were the best thing ever. Later in the year, JDO was released and, despite various technical and gameplay issues, became the first and only Control of Destiny game to be released in full. JLH was released shortly afterward in an unfinished state, but it too was very well accepted. Sadly, the Golden Age of the FIoJ came to an end shortly afterward and game design was put on hold in favor of more political issues.

The CoD series enjoyed a lot of popularity in late 2002/early 2003 during the reign of Menelmacar as the culture of the FIoJ and Soloralism was a topic of major inspiration there. The final details for the series were worked out and a very long (10–15 hours) CoD2 demo was released on February 19, 2003, the first major BGI release in a very long time. The death of Menelmacar once again caused CoD to fade into obscurity.

Will that long CoD2 demo ever be completed? Will Bill stop messing with the database and release a good CoD1 demo? Will the plans to re-release JDO or JLH finally be realized? Only time will tell.