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The Consul of Military is a government position in Thebes and is one of 12 consuls. The Consul of Economy oversees military procedures and is the highest position in the chain of command for the Theban military. The current Consul of Military since November 19, 2020 is James Miller. However, the position was held for over a year by Declan Welsh, setting the record for second longest consul term, and formerly longest, broken soon after Welsh left office by Cayden Ludlow.


The Consul of Military was created on June 19, 2019, when Thebes was founded. The Consul of Military was one of the first consul positions filled, as Declan Welsh was appointed to the position on June 20, a day after Thebes was founded. Over the first 9 months of its existence, the position was the sole position in the chain of command for the military. However, the military's hierarchy was expanded, including the Supreme Commander of the Army, which is the second highest position by seniority in the army, second to the Consul of Military itself. In October, and stretching into November, an election was held between incumbent Declan Welsh, Consul of Law Enforcement James Miller, and former Spartoi Nick Gage. Miller won the election with 53.8% of the vote, and has held the position since.

List of Consuls of Military

Consul Term Conditions Notes
Declan Welsh

June 20, 2019 - November 19, 2020 Appointed by Eithan I. Second longest consul term.
James Miller

November 19, 2020 - Incumbent Elected by the citizens.


The Consul of Military is in charge of military procedures and holds the supreme authority over all military branches of Thebes. In times of warfare, the Consul of Military controls the strategy of troops. The Consul of Military is also in charge of weaponry for the military.