Constitutional Monarchy of Bodeki

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Constitutional Monarchy of Bodeki
Bodekian Flag.jpgBodeki COA.png

Capital city Ministry District
Largest city Molouns
Official language(s) English,Swedish
Short name Bodeki
Demonym Bodekian, Bodekians.
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Established July 28th, 2014
Population 23 (2018)
Currency Bodekian Nytes

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On July 28th of 2014, Prime Minister Ethan Lafon officially signed the First Constitution of Bodeki in Livermore, California.

Shortly after retreating back to Texas, Prime Minister Lafon recruited new citizens in the late months of 2014. During this time he met the former leader of the Military Police Forces, Ryder Harris. Sometime in December of 2014, the First Bodekian Flag was issued. This flag resembled the modern British flag, and was later dismissed due to the resemblance. It was later replaced with the Second Flag of Bodeki, which is in use today.

2015 was a relatively quiet year for Bodeki, seeing only the addition of 1 citizen during the entire year. Although, the largest change in Bodeki history was made in 2015 when Prime Minister Lafon replaced the First Bodekian Flag with the new current flag.

During January of 2016, five more people were granted citizenship in Bodeki. No other time in the history of Bodeki has seen such a large influx of people becoming citizens. Later that year, Prime Minister Lafon met Representative Clark Turner and the current population was raised to 9. In October of 2016, the National Aerospace Ministry was founded.

After New Years Day 2017, Representative Clark Turner, Prime Minister Ethan Lafon, and Police General Ryder Harris launched Operation White Gazebo.

In September of 2018, Operation Granite was launched.

On December 4th, 2018 the government was reformed with more than half of the offices cleared and work on the 2nd Constitution of Bodeki started.


Most Bodekians are citizens of the United States and Bodeki, with a small portion retaining Swedish citizenship as well. Men account for ~70% of the population, and females occupy ~30% of the population. There are no official survey corps. in Bodeki, so all demographics are government approximations.


Bodeki is home to currently 2 planned voting districts, which act like individual provinces or states. These districts elect a District Minister, who works with the District Legislature to create laws within the District. The current districts are District of Molouns, and the Ministry District.

Bodeki is very similar to the United States in terms of government. Even though Bodeki is a Constitutional Monarchy, there is no monarch. Bodeki's primary legislative acts are carried out by a Parliament, which is overseen by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has power to veto any law passed by the Parliament, but if 2/3 of Parliament agree that the veto is unnecessary they can overrule the veto. If necessary,the Prime Minister can call upon the Team of Chief Justices to declare any bill/law unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court of Bodeki and the Office of the Chief Justice of Bodeki, are the primary Judaical servers in Bodeki. The current Chief Justice is Austin Stiglets.

The Prime Minister serves as the head of government and state, and works along with his appointed Cabinet Ministers to execute national law.

Armed Forces

The Bodekian Armed Forces is the main military force within Bodeki. The Armed Forces consists of the:

Bodekian Army

Bodekian Air Force

Bodekian Navy

Bodekian National Guard


Bodeki has no current allies, but there is a federal ban on immigration from people of Linmoor.