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The Constitution of the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic (ger. Verfassung der Pangawischen Volksdemokratischen Republik) is the fundamental law of the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic. It was drafted and adopted by decree by the Central Committee of the Communist Workers' Party on 23 September 2017.



German Original

"In Überzeugung, dass nur der Sozialismus als Transformationsgesellschaft den Schlüssel eines jeden Volkes zur kommunistischen Gesellschaft ausmachen kann und, dass jene zwei genannten Gesellschaftsformen Stufen in der historisch-materialistischen Entwicklung der Menschheit darstellen, die zur ewigen Befreiung der Menschheit vom Elend der Klassenwidersprüche und ihren Derivaten unabdinglich sind, hat sich dieses Volk vieler Völker folgende Verfassung gegeben."

English Translation

"Whereas the fundamental belief that only Socialism as a transformatory society can constitute the key of every people to a communist society and that the two respective mentioned forms of humyn society represent stages in the historical-materialist development of humynity, that are inalienable for the liberation of all mynkind from class contradictions and its derivatives, this people of many people adopted the following constitution."

Section A - Fundamental State Regulations

Stretching articles 1 to 4, this section manages the most fundamental variables for sovereign states. It sets the nature of the state, citizenship regulations etc.

Section B - General Duties and Rights of Citizens

Stretching articles 5 to 22, this section manages all personal rights and responsibilities, including universal healthcare, rights to education and similar.

Section C - State Insignia and other State Symbols

Stretching articles 23 to 24, this section manages the national flag and emblem of the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic, as well as the flag of the Pangavian People's Liberation Army.

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