Constitution of Iustus

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This is the currunt constitution as of June 23, 2018 – Present

Constitution of The Iustus Republic


Preamble We, the people of The Iustus State in order to secure an equal, intelligent, and fair country that represents the thoughts, needs, and will of the people through a presidential-constitutional republic, whilst also being aware of a long and shameful list of the government’s tresspases to the rights of sovereign individuals. We hereby declare that the public administration governing Iustus first and foremost respects the Bill of Rights, and exercise only such functions as has been delegated to it under this Constitution. Therefore, we declare that whenever the public administration becomes the attacker, rather than the protector of rights, it shall be our duty to alter or abolish such government, and to institute a new government for the restoration of the rights, in which we consider inherent to all human beings.

                    Bill of Rights 

Amendment One

         Anyone who is a citizen of Iustus shall have the right to religion, press, assembly, and protest. 

Amendment Two

         Anyone who is a citizen of Iustus shall have the right to run for a government position if the person in question does not not obtain not had a criminal past.

Amendment Three

 No person shall be convicted of a crime until there is sufficient evidence approved by a Jury or Tribune. No person shall receive a harsher punishment than that appropriate at the time the crime was committed.

Amendment Four

      No one of a specific religion, race, gender, illness, or sexual orientation shall be excluded from the rights exhibited in this Constitution.

Amendment Five

No person shall be forced to testify against themselves in a lawful tribunal. Iustian citizens may have the right to have trial by Jury. No Judge shall present bias.

Amendment Six

    Iustian citizens shall be protected from cruel or unusual punishments by the Government of Iustus.

Amendment Seven

   The Iustian Government and citizens shall not abuse or mistreat any citizen who may

have a smaller income or quality of life than that of them.

Amendment Eight

The President of Iustus shall not escape from his only duties of mandatory signing bills, diplomacy with other nations, and heading the Iustian Senate, and if he does take more power, the Chief-Justice may remove his title as President and he will be fined and charged with corruption, the President may also draft and submit bills to the House of Representatives.


                    Article One
       S1. Anyone that commits murder that is not being done to defend oneselfe shall
       Be sent to jail for at max 50 years, People who have murdered but have any sort of 
       Unintended means why shall be set free with a clean slate. If someone who murdered   unitationaly and the reason why it happens was of a mental disorder shall get the treatment     needed and let off with a clean slate.
     S2. Murder on any animal is not allowed and will be sent to Iustus jail for a max of 25  years,The same rules  Mentioned in section 1 apally.

     S.3. The term “child abuse” means intended harm of a person under the age of 18 physically or mentally .
     S4. The term pattern of assault means knowingly assault on more than 2 occasions.
     S.5 Citizens of Iustus shall have the right of free speech as long as it's acceptable under the constitution.
    S.6 Citizens may not have the right to claim weapons unless if approved by The department 

Of security

   S7 These things are illegal of being possessed by any citizen of Iustus, or by anyone on Iustus Soil unless if in both cases unknowingly.

Prohibited and restricted items Not allowed into or possession of any citizen or trespasser,

   S8 It is illegal to smoke in areas deemed public.

.Firearms and ammunition . Alcohol .Flamethrowers .Illegal medications unless if dependent on .Drugs

.Hazardous items


                       Article Three 

S1. Representatives for each district in The House of Representatives shall be elected by a simple majority of the people within said district.

S2. Representatives shall be chosen by the approval of their respective party leader.

S3. If a candidate for any office of power has committed a crime, the said politician shall be fired by their respective party leader, and replaced with another politician by another election, but if the crime is limited in evidence then he may not be fired.

S4. Political parties shall be listed as federal parties if the party gets more than 7 votes in a election.

S5. Political parties shall raise at a maximum of two million dollars towards a Presidential campaign, and seven hundred thousand dollars for Legislative elections.

S6. Prime ministerial elections shall be held once every 6 months, and Legislative elections every two months.

S7. Prime ministerial elections shall decide the winning Prime ministerial Candidate of whichever party that wins that said election, whom shall be sworn in as the next Prime MInister of Iustus.

S8. Legislative elections shall elect Representatives to the House of Representatives.

S9. Judges are appointed to The Supreme Court by The Chief Supreme Justice after doing an unbiased review of said candidate.

S10. Judges shall be appointed in each district by the district representative, though each candidate will also be reviewed by The Chief Justice of The Supreme Court.

S11. Representatives may draft legislative bills to be voted upon to become common law.

S12. The House of Representatives shall approve a bill by a majority of the present representatives and if said bill is approved, it shall be moved into the Iustian Senate for amendment and voting apon.

S13. The Senate shall vote on a bill and pass it by a majority. If it does not pass, they can amend and change the bill, and send it back to The House of Representatives for approval once more. If the House approves it, the bill will get voted upon by The Senate once more, and once they approve it, The President shall sign the bill into law.

S14.The President of Iustus must sign every bill that Congress sends to him.

S15. The citizens of Iustus shall get a notification of a an upcoming referendum in a minimum of five days prior to the referendum.

S16 Judges shall be fired if they are found ignoring the constitution, and/or holding biased opinions towards one party. The said fired judge shall be replaced by the Chief-Justice.

S17. Judges shall serve for life or whenever they decide to quit. Politicians can serve more than one term if they either get elected once more, or if they quit.

S18. The provinces will have no leader, instead, the representatives elected in that province will work together following the wants and needs of the citizens. Any place under the title of Federal District will be controlled by its respective government, and will also be controlled by Federal Representatives.

S19. if a Prime Minister is seen as unfit for office then The House of Representatives shall vote on The Prime MInister’s impeachment. If the vote passes, It will come into immediate effect, and The Prime Minister will be impeached. During the interim period will be set a provisional government, the same goes for The President as well.

S20. If The Prime-Minister, or Chief-Justice resigns, then The President may appoint a new one from The Congress.

S21. If one party wins a election, but has a minority of the vote, then the other parties May form a coalition government.

S22 Parties may be banned if they are found against The constitution, The Chief-Justice will be the one that will make the ban certified.

S23. In a state of emergency The President may take absolute power with approval of The House of Representatives.

S24. A census shall be done every five years so that the government can know What state the country is in. All citizens are obliged to do so.

S25. If the country can't be saved and has to stop existing, then The President, Prime Minister, Secretary of State, and Chief Justice will sign a document ceding The Iustus State to whatever country is willing to take good care of its citizens.

S26. The House Leader shall organize The House of Representatives.

S27. The Senate Leader shall organize The Senate.