Constitution of Grand Duchy of Lukland

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Constitution of the
Grand Duchy of Lukland
Created 2 July 2020 - 18 September 2020
Ratified 2 July 2020
Authors Łukasz I
Signers Łukasz I

The Constitution was the first in the history of Lukland.

The constitution defined the state system as the Monarchy The Constitution, but in fact it was only the King who ruled and the King was the Prime Minister, although apparently the King wanted to organize elections in 2021.


  • Chapter I: Lukland (14 Article)
  • Chapter II: Power and Government (11 Article)
  • Chapter III: Bank Holidays (2 Article)
  • Chapter IV: Courts (8 Article)
  • Chapter V:Rights and obligations of citizens and employees (6 Article)
  • Chapter VI (3 Article)
  • Chapter VII (1 Article)


The constitution had 4 changes

  • Constitutional Decree of 4 July 2020
  • Constitutional decree to change the coat of arms
  • Constitutional decree of 31 July 2020
  • Constitutional decree of 15 August 2020