Constanța of Frăția Blocurilor Unite

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Constanța I
Queen of Frăția Blocurilor Unite
Queen of Frăția Blocurilor Unite
Reign1 October 2020 - present
PredecessorLucreția of Frăția Blocurilor Unite
Born29 October 1936 (1936-10-29) (age 87)
ReligionOrthodox Christian

Queen Constanța is a Romanian citizen who was proclaimed on 1 October 2020 to be the Sovereign of the Brotherhood of the United Blocks (FBU) following the death of Queen Lucreția. Her Majesty is the Head of the Royal Family, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and the Head of the National Church.

Early life

Constanța was born on 29 October 1936 in Romania. She graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​with a specialization in Russian and worked in education as a teacher of Romanian and Russian.

The Queen is passionate about agriculture, education, history and technology. In her free time she prefers to read, to take care of her garden and to watch movies.


The death of Queen Lucreția created a problem at the state level because she did not appoint any successor. Thus, following the debates in the Șuetă, Mibu as the President of the Cabinet of Ministers was proposed as Regent in order to exercise the royal attributions until the election of a new monarch and to convocate the Royal Council.

Between September 28–30, 2020, the Royal Council took place where the members unanimously decided that the new Sovereign will be Constanța. Following the Council's decision, the Șuetă proclaimed her as the Sovereign on 1 October 2020, and the coronation took place at the National Cathedral.

Compared to her predecessor, Queen Constanța lives in her residence, using the Royal Palace as her office.

Role as Sovereign

Queen Constanța is the personification of the nation, the public persona who officially embodies the state in its unity and legitimacy. Even though the FBU is a constitutional monarchy and the Queen is a ceremonial figurehead, she is the highest authority of the FBU religion, military and politically, because she gives her royal assent to the laws.

The Queen duties include contacts with a wide range of representatives of FBU society, representatives of FBU abroad at the highest levels (state visits, trade missions, participation in international meetings). She keeps in close touch with the citizens, promoting private and public initiatives that help bring about social improvements.

Titles, styles and honours

Styles of
Constanța as Queen of FBU
Reference styleHer Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleMa'am

As Sovereign, we often refer to her simply as the Queen or Her Majesty, but the full title is: ”Constanța I, Queen of Frăția Blocurilor Unite, Defender of the Faith, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Lady of Naoi, Grandma of All, Sovereign of Minecraft Blocks”.

Her Majesty monogram is formed from C from Her name, Constanța, and R from Regina (Queen in latin).