Conspiracy Scandal

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The Conspiracy Scandal
Date: January 2012 - present

Threats by Opposition
Criminal charges filed and withdrawn
King wins lawsuit


King Adam
Daniel of Korea, MP
David of Edmount, MP

The Conspiracy Scandal was a scandal that occurred in the Kingdom of Überstadt during 2012. The scandal involved accusations of conspiracy to commit high treason against Members of Parliament, followed by a civil lawsuit filed by King Adam against the legislators involved.

Early controversy

The scandal began with the 2012 First Term Election. David of Edmount, communist candidate for Parliament, was announced one of five victors from the Duchy of Edmount following the final count of ballots. Upon being named a legislator, David announced that he had switched his political allegiance to the Fascist Party, leading to accusations that he had posed as a communist in an attempt to be more popular with the voters than he would have been running as a fascist. However, he soon switched back to his original communist allegiance, puzzling the populace.

During December 2011 and January 2012, Daniel of Korea, fascist MP, joined with David in threatening to overthrow the king. In response to what was apparently a legitimate conspiracy between the two, the Treason Act was passed, defining and outlawing treason and high treason, as well as the inchoate offenses for each.

Criminal charges

In February 2012, the Crown filed criminal charges against the two involved legislators under the Treason Act. Each was charged with conspiracy to commit treason. Several Americans promptly volunteered to legally represent the defendants, and two temporary prosecutors were appointed to handle the case. After several days of investigation, however, it was concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to go to trial, and all charges were dropped.

Civil lawsuit

In April 2012, King Adam filed a suit on his own behalf in the Crown Court, alleging that the earlier threats and apparent conspiracy against him had caused him mental distress. His prayer to the court requested a dollar in punitive damages from each defendant, as well as a prohibitory injunction forbidding either one from further threatening His Majesty. On May 30, 2012, Judge Collins granted judgment in the king's favor due to the absence of a response from the defendants. By this time, Daniel of Korea had been voted out of Parliament, and anti-monarchial sentiment in the opposition was offset by the Centrist Party following a conservative victory at the polls. As a result, the scandal ended quietly.