Conservative Party (Hjemland)

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Hjemland Conservative Party
LeaderMartyn Johnston
ChairpersonRobyn McGrath
Depute LeaderRob Gunn
Founded13 October 2019 (2019-10-13)
IdeologyLiberal conservatism
Conservative liberalism
Colors     Blue
5 / 13

The Conservative Party, officially the Hjemland Conservative Party, is a centre-right, liberal conservative political party in Hjemland.

It the second oldest and second largest party (in terms of membership and parliamentary representation) in Hjemland and has formed the official opposition in Parliament since 17 September 2019.


The party traces its origins back to the beginning of Hjemland whereby the founders formed two loosely defined groups: the Tans and Scans. The Scans favoured a "Medieval Scandinavian/North Germanic model" of governance whereby an elected king led assemblies wherein all citizens could participate. This model, with modifications, eventually triumphed in Hjemland.

Throughout the pre-Basic Law (constitutional) period, the Scans continued to resist moves to modernise or reform Hjemland's institutions. This resistance naturally led to them being termed "conservative" by supporters and opponents alike.

Foundation of the modern party

After the Liberal Party was formed on 7 September 2019, Martyn Johnston began agitating for the Scans to more formally establish themselves as a parliamentary group. After formal talks, three independent Folkmoot members formed the Hjemland Conservative Party on 13 October 2019. After the drafting and enacting of its party constitution, the 3 members unanimously elected Johnston leader on 23 October.


The party is made up of two sections: all Members of Parliament form the Parliamentary Conservative Party (PCP). Party members who are not MPs are part of the Voluntary Party (VP). Both of these groups elect a convener to represent their respective bodies on the three-person Conservative Party Board. The Chairperson of the Conservative Party Board is appointed by the Leader of the Conservative Party. The CPB is responsible for the day-to-day administration and organisation of the party, its events and activities.



The Leader of the Conservative Party is elected on the basis of one-member-one-vote. A candidate must be nominated by two Members of Parliament, with each MP being able to nominate a single candidate. If there is only one candidate, they are considered automatically elected. If there are more than two candidates, the PCP narrows the field to two candidates via exhaustive ballot. The final two candidates are then put to the entire party in a leadership contest.

As he was the sole candidate, Martyn Johnston was automatically elected Leader of the Conservative Party on 23 October 2019.

List of leaders

No. Leader Tenure
1 Martyn Johnston since 23 October 2019
(Acting Leader, 13—23 October 2019)

Conservative Party Board

The CPB is the administrative body of the party; it does not decide policy or direction. It is made up of the Chairperson, the Parliamentary Conservative Party Convenor, and the Voluntary Party Convenor. The chairperson is appointed by the Leader of the Conservative Party. As such they serve at "the leader's pleasure" and can be replaced as the party leader sees fit. The leader can be compelled to remove and replace them by a motion of no confidence of the party members. The two convenors are elected annually by their respective groups at the party's conference (usually in September or October). Whilst convenors are elected to 12-month terms, they can be indefinitely re-elected and there no term limits.

Conservative Party Board
No. Chairperson Tenure No. PCP Convenor Tenure No. VP Convenor Tenure
1 Robyn McGrath since 23 October 2019 1 Kathleen Smith since 23 October 2019 1 Michael Murray since 23 October 2019

Electoral performance

Election Leader Vote Seats Position Status in Parliament
% ± No. ±
Mar. 2020 Martyn Johnston 30.4% new
4 / 13
new 2nd Opposition
Oct. 2020 33.3% 2.9 pp
5 / 13
1 Steady 2nd Opposition