Conservative Party (Dracul)

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Dracul Conservative Party
LeaderStephen Luke
ChairmanCharles Ross
Secretary-GeneralWhisper Williams
SpokespersonCharles Ross
Founded2 November 2020
HeadquartersFort Howie, North Dracul
IdeologyConservative Civic Nationalism
ColorsRed, Blue, Gold
House of Representatives
3 / 4
3 / 3
Other elected offices:3

The Dracul Conservative Party, abbreviated as DCP, is a national and state level political party in the Commonwealth of Dracul. It was the first political party to be created in the nation's history and serves as a broadly ideologically centrist-conservative coalition that promotes the ideals of "Draculian Civic-Nationalism" and social conservative/libertarianism .

The 2021 Dracul President and Vice Presidential Candidates, Stephen Luke, and Whisper Williams are running under the DCP, The pair will also be the first presidential candidates running under a political party.