Confederation of the Northern Coast

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Confederation of the Northern Coast
Confédération de la côte nord
Mawi-punasu Punkik Stiom
Чoᓀғeδᕂaᑎoᓀ oᕓ ᑎe ᓀoᕂᑎeᓀ Чoáሰᑎ
Flag of Confederation of the Northern Coast Confédération de la côte nord Mawi-punasu Punkik Stiom Чoᓀғeδᕂaᑎoᓀ oᕓ ᑎe ᓀoᕂᑎeᓀ Чoáሰᑎ 北部海岸联合会
Largest cityKosmopolita
Official languagesEnglish,
• Federal President
Archie Birch
• Federal Vice President
James C
LegislatureFederal Diet
• Confederation established between Misberia, Aspen and Aurorak
13 July 2021
• Total
38.6 km2 (14.9 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyLygonian Yen,
Aspen Dollar,
NES Conifer
Time zoneEST
Date formatdd/mm/yy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

The Confederation of the Northern Coast, unofficially known as the CoNC, is a political and self-declared, unrecognized country that claims to be a sovereign state, commonly known as a micronation. The Confederation has three members, based in the North American-Atlantic Region. The union has a total area of 63 km2 (39.1 sq mi) and an estimated total population of about 30. An internal system to ensure stability of each member state has been established through a standardized system of laws that apply in all member states. Where the states have agreed to act as one. Confederation policies aim to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services and ideas within the Confederation; enact legislation in justice and home affairs; and maintain common policies on diplomacy, environmentalism and regional development.

The Confederation and Confederation citizenship were established when the Treaty of Jacobia-Nova Maria was signed between Kingdom of Aspen, Maritime Republic of Misberia and Aurorak on the 13th of July 2021. The Confederation can trace its origins to the Aspen-Misberian Empire in early 2019 under the Treaty of Newport, between Misberia and Aspen. Calls for unification between Aspen and Misberia had existed for many years, including multiple referendums in both Misberia and Aspen. The Confederation has grown and shrunk since its foundation with Grand Duchy of Liangsi, joining a few days after the Confederation was formed. Aurorak ended up meagering with the then Maritime Republic of the Damariscotta to form Misberia. The latest major amendment to the constitutional basis of the Confederation is the Confederation Power Act in late July 2021.

The cultural life of the Confederation is primarily influenced by the cultures of North America, France and East Asia. The Confederation is a semi active player in the diplomacy of the MicroWiki Community, and the Principality of Misberia is a member of the Holy Roman Empire and the Confederation is a member of the Grand Unified Micronational.


Since the meeting of both Aspen and Misberia, both nations have worked closely together as, sovereign countries and have entered into treaties and thereby co-operated and have had a vast amount of similar policies in an increasing number of areas. With Liangsi also having very close relations with both Aspen and Misberia, including the formation of the New England Sector


The Aspen Misberian Empire lasted roughly two weeks and was a union between Aspen and Misberian Confederacy, the union collapsed soon after its formation as it was a rushed treaty and Aspen admitted to using Misberia for its own gains. Misberia declared independence from the Empire on the 5th of March 2019. Later pushes for a reformed Aspen Misberian Empire occurred in the fall of 2020, the day of formation of the Empire is known as Friendship Day in both nations. When the Misberian Confederacy dissolved on the 24th of February 2021, the nation gave half its land to the Aspen government and formed the Commonwealth of Misberia-Lygonia. Two months later the Misberia Act passed in the Federal Council of the Kingdom of Aspen, with the commonwealth formally joining the nation as the Province of Misberia.

In May of 2020, during the 2020 GUM Virtual Summit, the Misberian Confederacy and Grand Duchy of Liangsi formally met and discussed the possibility of forming a new sector, with the New England Sector being formed. Many projects between the two nations occurred including the NES Conifer, a unified currency between the two nations. When Misberia joined Aspen, Aspen and Liangsi relations continued through Misberia and by mid 2021, with Misberia being its own nation once again, all three nations held very close ties.

Treaty of Jacobia-Nova Maria (2021)

The Confederation of the Northern Coast was formally established with the Treaty of Jacobia-Nova Maria, with the main people behind it being James II, King of the Aspens, Archie Birch and Jamie Birch, with the treaty coming into force on the 13th of July 2021. With Aurorak giving up the treaty following a month as a member as it merged with the Damariscotta to form Misberia, and Grand Duchy of Liangsi adopting the treaty to become a member state.

Member states

Through multiple discussions the Confederation has grown from the three founding members (Aspen, Damariscotta and Aurorak) to the current members of (Aspen, Misberia and Liangsi). Countries apply for membership by adopting the founding treaty, thereby subjecting themselves to the privileges and obligations of Confederation membership. This entails a partial delegation of sovereignty to the institutions in return for representation within those institutions.

Membership requires that candidate country has achieved stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights, respect for and protection of minorities, the existence of a respect for differing cultures and the creation of ones own culture. Membership presupposes the candidate's ability to take on the obligations of membership including adherence to the aims of political, foreign affairs and cultural.

There has been one country that has been recognized as a candidate for membership: Penzancia, which was removed off of the candidates list following internal affairs issues in the nation.

Member States and Observers of The Confederation of the Northern Coast
State Capitol Ascension Population Area Head of State
Capital Regions
Capitol Region of Bristol Bristol 22 July 2021 0 1 km² Federal Presidency
Kingdom of Aspen Konigshaven Founder 15 Unknown King James C
Principality of Misberia Machias Founder 14 38.6 km² Sakom Archie Birch
Grand Duchy of Liangsi Aden 21 July 2021 12 Unknown Grand Duke Leo Akien
Apolan Queendom 10 September 2021 2 Unknown Queen Zanti


Fort Gorges, Maine

To the south and east is the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west is the states of Maine, Massachusetts and Virginia. The Canadian province of New Brunswick and the American states of Maine, Massachusetts and Virginia is to the north and northeast, Misberia is the eastern most region within the United States. Misberia's Long Lake is the largest lake in the nation, Machias Seal Island and Fort Gorges, off the off the Maine coast, are claimed by both the United States and Misberia and in Machias Seal Island's case Canada also lays claim. Liangsi lays claim to many Boston Harbor Islands including Shag and Langlee islands.


The Northern Coast is a parliamentary, representative, and democratic confederation. Legislative power is vested in the Federal Presidency and Federal Diet concurrently. The Federal Diet is elected through free and direct elections by the whole population of the confederation rather than by the individual states. The Federal Presidency is composed of the various heads of state and government of the Confederation, it serves as both a collective head of state and a legislative body that is akin to the United States Senate or British House of Lords.

The Federal President, currently Archie Birch, is the first among equals of the Federal Presidency and exercises the powers of a head of state on their behalf. The Federal President is assisted by at least two vice presidents. The Federal Chancellor, who is elected by the Federal Diet, is the third highest official in the government besides the president and vice presidents, the Chancellor of the Federal Diet is elected by the members of the Federal Diet and oversees its daily activities. The fourth highest official is the Vice Chancellor, the Chancellor is the head of government of the Confederation and is appointed by the Federal Presidency. The Federal President exercises executive power through their Cabinet.

Political Parties

The political parties of the Confederation learn towards the left or centrist side of politics, with many working together including the Marine Labor Movement and the Maritime Whigs. No party holds a majority in the any of the regional legislatures and Federal Presidency. There are currently three political parties within the Confederation, with the Federal President being a member of the Marine Labor Movement and the Vice President not being a member of any party.

Name President Position Ideologies Seats in government
Federal Presidency Federal Diet Regional Legislatures
Marine Labor Movement MLM Andrew Franson Left
0 / 5
0 / 8
3 / 13
Progressive Party TPP Leo Akien
1 / 5
0 / 8
1 / 13


The following Government Ministries make up the Cabinet of the Confederation.

  • Ministry of Home Affairs - led by a Minister, the Minister is responsible for coordinating with the regions of the nation on implementation of national laws, support on issues within the region and working with the President to ensure each region is supported nationally and culturally.
  • Ministry of Finance - led by a Minister, responsible for managing the income of the Confederation through fundraising, and for the financial policy of the Confederation.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs - led by a Minister, responsible for maintaining diplomatic relations with other nations.
  • Ministry of Defense - led by a Minister, responsible for the implementation of government defense policy.
  • Ministry of Culture - led by a Minister, responsible for promoting and preserving the differing cultures of the nation.

Leadership and Ministries of Government

Home Affairs

See also: Military Police of Misberia

Law and Order

Law enforcement in the Confederation is the responsibility of the individual member states. Jurisprudence operates on a civil law legal system, with crimes being tried by the Federal Tribunal. There are no permanent courts due to the rarity of crimes, with instead a court to be summoned upon a person being charged with a crime. If a person is found guilty of a crime, then their punishment is decided by the Federal Tribunal. Civil disputes are resolved by the Federal Presidency.

The Confederation has an extremely low crime rate .Since April of 2015, only three court cases and three arrests have ever occurred in the nation, with all but one being related to the former Founder's Council and their actions of repeated attempted coups and fraudulent behaviors. Law enforcement in the Confederation is assisted by the Sekureca Specialtrupo (S15) a secretive organization which gathers information about domestic and foreign threats. The S15 was founded in 2018, but its existence was not officially acknowledged until 2020. Other organizations vary from nation to nation with the Aspen Secret Service being the only other formally known organization.


Citizenship for all members is accepted to be considered a citizen, however there are two kinds, Common and Territorial. Citizens who are dual will be asked to pick for their one Territorial. Common citizens are able to partake in most national and regional events and programs, subject to the discretion of the leadership of each region and can not vote or partake in referendums or regional government. Territorial Citizens are able to partake in everything and in referendums, governments and votes.

Foreign Affairs

The Confederation currently holds official recognition a few micronations and holds membership in the Borean Community and the Grand Unified Micronational. The nation does hold informal relations with the nations which Misberia, Aspen and Liangsi held special relations with and others which have requested such.

Basic Principles

Confederation of The Northern Coast’s foreign policy is guided by the following basic principles:

  1. Mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty;
  2. Non-interference in each other’s internal affairs;
  3. Respect for mutual equality;
  4. Non-aggression and the peaceful settlement of disputes;
  5. Cooperation for mutual benefit;
  6. Abiding faith in the Charter of the United Nations and the Montevideo Convention of 1933;
  7. Value of world peace.

Formal and Informal Relations

The Confederation of The Northern Coast currently maintains formal and informal diplomatic and bilateral relations with 19 nations as on 18 September 2021.

International Organizations

The Confederation of The Northern Coast and its member states currently maintain a delegation to 4 organizations as of 18 September 2021.


The economy of the Northern Coast is small with limited use, and is based upon a barter and trade system where goods and services are decided on by the individuals in the deal. Misberian governments make money through a series of monthly donations from Clynk and redemption center programs. The main currency of the Northern Coast is the Aspen Dollar and Lygonian Yen. Misberia has previously exchanged goods and services with other nations, the most notable being with the Republic of Elysium which was the first of these agreements.


See also: Culture of Misberia

Coat of Arms of Birch University

The Northern Coast is a mixture of cultures from North America, France and East Asia, the nation contains many Internet-based memes, like "bruh" and "based", and the nation itself focuses much on the preservation of many European, Native American and Asian faiths and cultures. The nation also takes pride in its education, with Birch University being ran by Archie Birch with support from the citizens of the nation, making it one of the few micronational universities with its leader being a Education major in the community.

Religious Community of Misberia

For more information see, Religious Community of Misberia

The Religious Community of Misberia, is the only religious institution to be recognized by the Misberian state. Its recognition is given by the Phase One announcement by the Sakom in August 2021, which establishes a program to encourage religious understanding within Principality of Misberia, with one religious sect being created and that being the Maine Catholic Community.

Songo Calendar

The Songo Calendar is a calendar based around the Equinoxes and Solstices. The year consists of four months with roughly 90 days for each, with the year count being counted from the year that Christopher Columbus landed in the new world. The calendar is used mainly in the Principality of Misberia and adopted the calendar in March of 2020 after Archie Birch and Maria Birch created the calendar for adoption.


Former Flag of Aspen

The languages spoken within the nation vary wildly as the many cultures and civilizations being studied result in a mixture of languages being used for differing purposes. The main languages are English, French and Esperanto with Latin being recognized as a minor language of the nation.


The colors of the nation are blue, red and yellow, with blue representing the Principality of Misberia, red representing the Kingdom of Aspen and the yellow representing the Historiographer Republic of Aurorak. The tricolor of these colors represent the unification of the people, working towards a common goal. Symbols of importance in the nation include, the Nordic and Catholic Crosses, Olive Branches, Crowns and Eagles.