Confederation of Romanian Micronations

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Confederation of Romanian Micronations
Confederația Micronațiunilor Românești


Official language Romanian

Members 1
Founding member Kingdom of Abristan

Foundation 8 January 2020
Disband 10 March 2020
Development of diplomacy, mutual recognition and cooperation between Romanian Micronations

The Confederation of Romanian Micronations was a micronational organization whose purpose was that Romanian micronations can communicate and plan/host events between them. It is the 2nd-largest organization with such a purpose.

The Confederation of Romanian Micronations was founded by the Kingdom of Abristan, with the intention to bring all Romanian-speaking and Romanian micronations together.

How to join the League

Membership is free. Εvery Micronation can participate if fulfills the following points:

  • Recognition of the Romanian language as official language, or otherwise legal recognition of the Romanian language such as recognized or local language status.
  • Claiming of a real territory, located on planet Earth. It can even be a simple rock.
  • Being an active micronation, proving it with a government, an official website, email address and as much other evidences as possible.
  • Establish mutual recognition and diplomacy with the other member states.

Each member-state will have full sovereign authority over their nation and may exercise that authority without the interference of the Confederation.

Join the discord server for membership: DISBANDED

Old Members

Flag Name Member since Kind of government Head(s) of State
AbristanFlag03.png Kingdom of Abristan 8 January 2020 Monarchy Alessandro I of Abristan