Confederation of Romanian Micronations

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Confederation of Romanian Micronations
Confederația Micronațiunilor Românești


Official language Romanian

Members 1
Founding member Kingdom of Abristan

Foundation 8 January 2020

Development of diplomacy, mutual recognition and cooperation between Romanian Micronations

The Confederation of Romanian Micronations is a confederation whose purpose is that all the romanian micronations can communicate easily,arrange eveniments and more

The Confederation of Romanian Micronations has been founded by the Kingdom of Abristan, with the intention to bring all the Romanian-speaking and Romanian Micronations together, and it is the second organisation with this purpose.

How to join the League

Membership is free. Εvery Micronation can participate if fulfills the following points:

  • Recognition of the Romanian language as official language, or otherwise legal recognition of the Romanian language such as recognized or local language status.
  • Claiming of a real territory, located on planet Earth. It can even be a simple rock.
  • Being an active micronation , proving it with a government, an official website, email address and as much other evidences as possible.
  • Establish mutual recognition and diplomacy with the other member states.

Each member-state will have full sovereign authority over their nation and may exercise that authority without the interference of the Confederation.

Join the discord server for membership


Flag Name Member since Kind of government Head(s) of State
AbristanFlag03.png Kingdom of Abristan 8 January 2020 Monarchy Alessandro de Savborn Official website