Confederation of Malus

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2021 — Present

Malus flag.png

To Preserve and Defend
Freedom March

Long Island
Capital cityNovum
Largest cityNovum
Official language(s)English (US)
Official religion(s)Atheism, Christianity, Judaism, Satanism, Shrewism
Short nameMalus
- PresidentPresident L
Currency$ (USD)
Time zone(EST/EDT)
National sportPro Wrestling
National animalGoat

Malus, officially named the Confederation of Malus, is an American micronation located in the state of New York. It was founded on March 22, 2021, although plans for its creation were made months before. The Confederation is a successor state to the ill-fated Republic of Long Island, which became defunct on March 16, 2021.


The Republic of Long Island

The Confederation of Malus was founded after President L of the Republic of Long Island realized the micronation was in decline. The RLI faced several issues such as decreasing citizenship, political tension, and a failed coup attempt, and the strain of two near wars. Information was not getting out to citizens quickly enough and that led many of them to feel unsafe and leave.

Two Wars Averted

From June 6 to June 15, 2019, the Republic of Long Island was involved in a conflict with the now defunct Republic of Feathers and Gills, which was also located on Long Island. On the 6ᵗʰ of June, Max of the Nottingham-Stinoculous Empire started a dispute with President L, demanding the RLI relinquish claims and recognize the RFG, which was allied to the NSE. President L encouraged Max to look into coexistence and they reached that agreement on the 15ᵗʰ, ending the awkward conflict. On October 19, President L asked Max, who was serving as the Diplomatic Representative for the RFG, if the republic would be interested in forming a defense union for Long Island with him and Mark I, king of the Kingdom of Long Island. On the 20ᵗʰ, he attempted to reach the leader of the RFG, however he got no response and the plan was never realized.

On the 30ᵗʰ of July, King Mark the First came to President L, inquiring about the situation with the RFG & NSE and wondering how his Kingdom of Long Island could coexist the President's republic. The President told Mark I that he was looking into a Union State and proposed the creation of one, combining the RLI, KLI, and RFG. King Mark declined the offer and instead offered to be apart of a pact with the RLI that would strive to make Long Island a better place. President L accepted and on the first of August the situation was resolved. The pact between the two micronations never saw the light of day, and early into the year 2020, the KLI is dissolved, leaving the RLI the only micronation on the "Micronations Fandom" website on Long Island.

Mutual Recognition Treaty

Coup Attempt

In August of 2020, a left wing insurgency occured when a small separatist group attempted to seize power and establish the "People's Republic of Long Island". There was no outbreak of physical war and no official declarations were made, but on Twitter, the social media accounts for the PRLI and RLI (now both defunct) engaged in flame warfare and each garnered support from other micronations. Notably, the Fesmarian Government supported both governments and so did the Republic of Adolaxia, although it was initially on the side of the PRLI. The insurgency engaged in several tactics to derail and sabotage the course of the RLI, such as vandalising the wiki page, creating anti-RLI propaganda, and "clowning" on President L. Through private talks and diplomacy, the RLI and insurgency came to an agreement in which the RLI would recognize them as the PRLI. On August 28, 2020, a Mutual Recognition Treaty was created by President L and signed by both parties, ending the conflict. The end to the "Chilly Skirmish" (as it was sometimes called) was celebrated by other micronationalists on Twitter who viewed the event. After all of this fighting, the PRLI lasted just 4 months, being incorporated into the Republic of Long Island in December 2020. It was during this time period that President L had a personal political change and started to look at issues differently. He became more left leaning and allowed the former insurgents to advise him in making decisions regarding things like social issues and economics.


By January, it became clear the micronation was stagnating. Previous unrealistic and fantastical colonial ambitions like claims to Antarctica and large parts of Long Island turned a lot of citizens off. President L had wanted to create union states and alliances to build up the strength and legitimacy of the micronation, but it never came to fruition. Tired of trying to turn the micronation into something more serious when all people would see it as was anything but, President L called it quits and on March 7, 2021, declared that on the 16ᵗʰ, the RLI would be dissolved, officially lasting for just 2 full years.

Reformation Period

Timeline of the transition from republic to confederation.

From Republic to Confederation

Although no Union State was formed with the RFG or KLI, small micronational projects decided they wanted to join the RLI. Friends of President L that had micronational interests agreed to join together with the RLI, creating the Confederation of Malus. Citizens residing in the RLI were automatically made citizens of Malus. Any alliancespreviously made by the republic were declared no longer relevant, bringing the new confederation into a period of isolationism.

Confederation of Malus

Establishment Era

The Confederation of Malus was established on March 22, 2021. During the final few months of the Republic of Long Island, President L had been shifting the micronation in a left wing, more inclusive way. Due to the events of the 2020-2021 anti-racism protests in the United States and additionally the Capitol Riot, President L banned any far right political parties from holding a position in the government on June 1, 2021. Of the three political parties in the confederation, only one was banned, the People for Long Island party. There was only one advisor to the president who belonged to the party, however the Freedom Party of Malus publicly condemned the President's actions the following day. President L responded by having the MNMO release a previously unreleased interview wherein he discussed the recent Black Lives Matter protests, the Hong Kong Protests, and the Capitol Riot. This softened the citizen's view on the President, who on the 5th of June released a formal statement explaining why the party was banned. The Freedom Party backed down and were given an extra member in the advisory.

As well as banning the party, President L also created the AFA, or Anti-Fascist Alliance, which would later be re-branded to the Anti-Prejudice Alliance. The alliance was created in response to the surge of far right and homophobic micronationalism in the community and is an attempt to curb it.

Banning of Books

In June of 2021, several books became illegal to own in the Confederation of Malus. Notably, Mein Kampf, Huckleberry Finn, and Tom Sawyer. Gone with the Wind and To Kill a Mockingbird are not banned, however reading them is cautioned against due to their portrayal of issues like race, rape, and gender roles. On the thirteenth of July, President L reversed this ban and allowed all books to be legal in Malus.

LGBTQ+ Protections

On June 10, 2021, President L declared June Pride Month for LGBTQ+ citizens, while simultaneously criticising the Super Sexuality movement as well as the Straight Pride parade that took place in 2019. 5 days later on the 15th, the Bi/Pan Visibility Organization was created to support and advocate for the rights of people in the bisexual and pansexual community and to disrupt the monosexual narrative.

Departure from the APA

On August 24, 2021, President L withdrew the confederation from the Anti-Prejudice Alliance. This was due to a leadership breakdown, when he attempted to pass the role off to other members and it fell through. President L also wanted to become more hostile towards condemned micronations, something other alliance members did not agree with.

Government & Diplomacy


The President is the leader of the Confederation of Malus. The presidency is the most power public office one can hold in the Confederation. The president is advised by 5 advisors who inform them of issues that need to be addressed and how to handle them. While the president can be influenced and should listen to what each and every advisor has to say, they have total control over the government and is able to veto and ignore decisions made by advisors. There has only been one president of the Confederation of Malus, but two presidents of the Republic of Long Island.

Yellow indicates RLI, orange indicated Malus
Name Took Office Left Office Term Length Election Party
President L March 16, 2019 May 26, 2019 71 days Office established Patriotic Party of Long Island
"MS" May 26, 2019 May 30, 2019 4 days Transfer of Power Patriotic Party of Long Island
President L May 30, 2019 March 16, 2021 656 days Transfer of Power Patriotic Party of Long Island
March 22, 2021 incumbent - Office established Progressive Party of Malus

Election of 2022

The 2022 Confederation of Malus presidential election will be the first annual election, scheduled for Tuesday, March 22, 2022. Elections and inaugurations in the Confederation take place on the same day, and the winner will become president the day they win. President L is the incumbent president and is expected to run again in 2021. As of May 2021, there has been no challenger, meaning President L will likely run unopposed.

Political Parties

Logo Name Ideology Spectrum Leader Members in Government Longevity
Progressive Party of Malus Progressivism Leftism President L
3 / 6
President L and two advisors.
Malus Horse.png
Freedom Party Laissez-faire Government Center N/a
3 / 6
Two advisors.
People for Long Island Pan-Micronationalism Far Right N/a
0 / 6
One advisor.
Macronational views of the Confederation of Malus

Foreign Relations

Main article: Foreign relations of Malus


The confederation recognizes and doesn't recognize a variety of macronational states. For example, while the confederation understands Israel is in control of a large amount of land, it does not recognize their sovereignty due to their actions against Palestinians as well as religious and racial minorities.

Malus holds pro-democracy and leftist views, disliking Russia for being an authoritative near dictatorship and disliking Saudi Arabia for being authoritative and patriarchal. Several states of the United States are disliked by the confederation due to their racist history. Quebec of Canada is unpopular due to their views on LGBT issues and Islam.

Recognized Nations
Unrecognized Nations


Recognized Micronations; No Relations
Recognized Micronations, Relations
Unrecognized Micronations, No Relations
  • Susaonia.jpg Susaonia National Worker's State(The confederation does not recognize racist micronations)
  • AMAC (The confederation views the assembly's adoption of Nazi German's Reichskriegsflagge flag design unfavorably and therefore does not recognize the micronation).
  • U.C.C.R [Views unfavorably. (Anti-LGBTQ+, anti-feminist, oppressive religious regime.)]

Terrorist Organizations

The following states and/or groups have been declared terrorist organizations by the Confederation of Malus.


Religions in the Confederation by percentage


Judaism and Christianity

Judaism and Christianity are major religions in the confederation, with at least 5 citizens practicing one or the other. The confederation does not endorse or promote a certain religion, however it does permit holidays associated with these two religions, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, and Passover.


Main article: Satanic Order of Malus

Satanism is a prominent but minor religion in the Confederation of Malus. The confederation's Satanic population follow various Satanic organization's spiritual guidelines to better their lives. LaVeyan Satanism and Occultism is not a factor in the confederation and is mostly looked down upon by the Satanic community in the micronation.


Shrewism is the most practiced religion in the micronation. Shrewism is a religion that is heavily influenced by (but not a denomination of) Christianity. Shrewism was founded in 2016 and spread throughout the area Malus occupies. The religion, first seen as a joke, was adopted by many people who would later become citizens of the confederation.


Name Date Note
Shrek Day April 1