Confederate States of Eborin

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The Confederate States of Eborin
EborinFlag.png ----- EborinWhiteFlag.png Two Competing Designs

Capital cityEvonia
Largest cityTBD
Official language(s)English, Eborin Language
Official religion(s)Eborinian Polytheism
Short nameEborin
GovernmentConfederate Democratic Republic
LegislatureGrand Council
- Type - Tricameral
EstablishedDecember 17, 2015
Area claimedUnknown
CurrencyThe Eborite
Time zoneEastern Africa Time(EAT)
National drinkTBD
National animalTBD

The Confederate States of Eborin (CSE), commonly referred to as Eborin, is a confederacy composed of 4 states and a confederate district.



There are four States: Sholkingham, Runnach, Aedoric, and Aloki.


Some of the wildlife here will be perserved; however room is being made for the planting of forests, the creation of new species and other projects to green the entirety of the Nation.

Genetic Engineering

Many species of Plant and animal will be genetically modified to look entirely different from any other creature on the globe to produce new species of animals and plants unique to Eborin.

Goverment amd Law

Declaration of Independence

This document was sent to the Somalian Government Declaring that the Eborin Confederacy has officially broken away from their control and are now an autonomous and independently sovereign nation.


Governing the Confederacies inner workings, this document lays out the legislative, executive, judicial branches offical mechanisms and how they perform checks and balances amongst themselves. It also includes national symbols, the Confederacies name, amendment processes, and new state adoptions.


This is the Law Making body of the Confederacy. The upper house is Elected by the people, the lower house is two thirds directly elected and one third chosen by the state elected legislative bodies.

Political Parties

There are several Political parties in Eborin one is middle ground, two are left, one is extreme left, one is right and one is extreme right.


The country comes together to elect the head of the Confederacy the Thain.


This bod is elected for life or until referendum to evict them is submitted by at least 100 people.


The military as of current is relatively small.



Most of Eborin speaks English; however there is a revival movement to bring back the language of Eborin.


Religions are very much so well regulated in the Confederacy, being all monotheistic religions are banned in the lands with Eborinian Polytheism being promoted as the official religion of the land. There are no law restricting practice of religion; however, there are laws that prohibit temples being built in dedication of a monotheistic religion and official places of worship are also prohibited.

Eborinian Polytheism worhships 6 main Gods (Aldor, Faerius, Emius, Yaenom, Thanom, and Quentim) and they have six high prophets who taught and wrote the scrolls about the religion (Gaelyon, Taenom, Aetherwood, The Wonderer, Mythrim, and The Shadow). The religion is preached by a druidic class of people called the High Order of Three. Note most Druids soley speak Eborinian Amongst themselves; thought, they do know many other languages to teach others of the Gods and the Ways. A majority of the Druids are spread across the country side living in small huts built deep in the forests; however, the high Druids reside in "Sprite-Henge." Sprite-Henge (as is it called in English) would be considered one of the holiest lands for the adherents to Eborinian Polytheism, here is where the Dawn Temple was built with a complex of statues dedicated to each of the Gods and Great Prophets stands.

There are those who do not adhere to Eborinian Polytheism who are Christian, Islamic, Wiccan, and Many other great religions, who are all equally respected; however the Confederacy prohibits the construct of most temples to promote Eborinian Polytheism at the current time. There is a set date in which the goverment will seperate itself from the Religion and let it run itself.

Eborin also has a small population of Atheists and Agnostics, who are regarded as gentle spirits by the Eborinian Polytheist. They are considered such because the Gods failed to prove themselves to them.


The food of Eborin is highly seasoned and mostly meat.

Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts

The only real books that have been written in Eborin are the Scrolls and Books of the Eborinian Polytheism, same for art. However there are many philisophical ideas that circulate in the confederacy.


The music is mostly played by either soft wind or String instruments.


Some sports have been imported from around the globe and there are a few original sports that claim to be solely Eborinian.

Science and Technology

Many Science Programs are soon to be funded by the Eborin government.