Confederacy of Socialist States

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Confederacy of Socialist States
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'Workers of the World, Unite!'
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CSS claims marked in red
Capital cityRennum
Largest cityRennum
Official language(s)English
Short nameCSS
GovernmentConfederal republic
- ChairmanSergio Carrera
- PremierNathan Patterson
LegislatureConfederate Congress
EstablishedNovember 30, 2015
Time zoneGMT - 6

The Confederacy of Socialist States, also known as The Confederacy, is a self declared confederal republic in the United States composed of the Socialist State of Kosko and the Socialist State of Eclania. The Confederacy is completely surrounded by the United States.The national economy remains heavily dependent upon the US. It was formed on November 30, 2015 after the representatives of Kosko and Eclania signed the Treaty of Friendship.


The Confederate Constitution was framed by the two representatives during the week of March 14 to March 20, 2016. The constitutional referendum will be held on May 3, 2016.

Goverment and Politics

Political Parties

Federal Government

Party Name Number of Members Party Chairman Date of Establishment Ideology Colour Congress Seats
Conservative Party 1 Nathan Patterson March 2016 Soviet Communism Red
1 / 2
Futurist Party 1 Sergio Carrera March 2016 Futurism, Market Socialism Blue
1 / 2
Reform Party 0 Vacant March 2016 New-Era Communism Green
0 / 2
Confederacy Independence Party 0 Vacant March 2016 Confederate Nationalism Purple
0 / 9

State Legislatures

  • Socialist State of Eclania: Currently led by the Chairman of Eclania, Nathan Patterson.
  • Socialist State of Kosko: Currently led by the Chairman of Kosko.

Government positions

Horatio Eden (Party Party), current Mememaster-General

The Government

Portfolio Minister Took office Party
Congressional Premier of the Confederate Congress Nathan Patterson May 2016 Conservative Party of the Confederacy
Chairman of the Confederacy Sergio Carrera May 2016 Futurist Party of the Confederacy
MC Nathan Patterson May 2016 Conservative Party of the Confederacy
Chief Procurator Vacant May 2016 N/A
All-Confederate Government
CSS Final.png
PremierNathan Patterson, Conservative Party
since May 2016
voting systemRepresentative democracy
Meeting place
Capital Hill, Rennum

Powers of government

The federal government has the following specific powers:


This is a compendium of all legislation passed by the first Congress of the Confederacy