Communist Party of Livonia

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Communist Party of the USSSL
ChairmanJohn Peterson
FoundedMarch 14th, 2013
Membership  (2013)17
IdeologyCommunism, Markism
International affiliationSocialist InterMicronational
Official coloursRed

The Communist Party of Livonia, officially the Communist Party of the Union of Soviet Socialist States of Livonia (CPUSSSL), is a communist party in the Union of Soviet Socialist States of Livonia. It is the official state party of that nation.

Party Structure


The Chairman of the Communist Party is the head of the CPUSSSL. The Chairman is appointed by the Party Congress. The Chairman presides over the activities of the Political Bureau.

Political Bureau

The Political Bureau, or Politbuto, is the executive council of the CPUSSSL. The Politburo is responsible for formulating all party policy between Party Congresses. Furthermore, the Constitution of the USSSL empowers the Politburo with a number of special powers over appointments to the government of the USSSL.

Party Congress

The Party Congress is the regular meeting of the membership of the CPUSSSL. Party Congresses take place before all national elections. The Party Congress is considered the highest authority of the CPUSSSL. The Party Congress can issue resolutions that are binding on all party policy. The Party Congress also appoints all the members of the Politburo and the Chairman. The Party Congress is also responsible for approving the party's list of candidates to fill seats in the Supreme Soviet.