Communist Party of South Maudlandia

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Communist Party of South Maudlandia
Secretary-GeneralMatthew Phillips
FounderMatthew Phillips
Founded13 March 2015
Youth wingSouth Maudlandian Young Communists League
Membership (2015)1
Political positionFar-left
Parliament of South Maudlandia
1 / 1
Election symbol
CPSM Logo.png

The Communist Party of South Maudlandia (CPSM) is a far-left political party in the Republic of South Maudlandia. It is the only political party in the country, and thus, the current ruling party. While political parties other than the Communist Party are legal, none have yet been formed.


The CPSM was formed on 13 March 2015 by the current secretary-general, Matthew Phillips. The Party was the driving force behind the transformation of South Maudlandia from a terra nullius into a sovereign nation. On the same day, the CPSM installed themselves as the ruling party in South Maudlandia, and have seen no opposition since then.


Like many other communist parties, the CPSM sees the promotion of worker's rights and the creation of an egalitarian society as its fundamental goals. However, the Party has become highly critical of aspects of Stalinism, especially the extreme authoritarianism and the cult of personality surrounding Stalin during his rule of the Soviet Union. Instead, the CPSM tends towards Trotskyism as an ideal.