Communist Party of Altania

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Communist Party of the United States of Altania
CPRNA flag.png
Party nameCommunist Party of the United States of Altania
MicronationUnited States of Altania
LeaderDavid Black
Established17 March 2009
IdeologyMarxism, Marxism-Leninism
Political positionExtreme Left
ColoursCrimson, Gold, Yellow

The Communist Party of the United States of Altania, more commonly refered to in Altania as The Red Party,and is the only poliitcal party in the United States of Altania, and has ruled since the founding of the Republic on 17 March 2009. The Party was abolished after the United States were formed, due to terms of the Union Act, but were reformed during the Altanian Civil War. The Party had no opposition in North Altania and all of the State control was vested entirely in The Party and institutions of the Party. The Party is compiled of the remenants of The Red Faction, Communist Party of North Altania and the Socialist Workers Front of Altania which crossed the border after the partition.

Central Republican Congress

The Central Republican Congress of the United States of Altania is the highest authority in the United States of Altania, that is under the command of General David Black and is controlled by the Communist Party to serve an infinate term over the Union after the war and ensure stability. The Congress meet every two months to discuss issues within the Union. The Congress comes together evry six months to elect a Republican Senator, who will represent the Congress in the Central Committee. The people of Altania also elect a Peoples Representative to represent them within the Central Republican Congress.

Central Committee

The Central Committee of the United States of Altania is the main authority that represents the Federal States within the Union, it consists of the five main members of the Communist Party of Altania, voted in by the party with a maximum term of twelve months. The role of the Central Committee is to represent the Communist Party. The committee is commanded by David Black, who is a life ruler and cannot be elected out of office. The direct leader of the Central Committee is Commisioner Hartgrave who is elected in and out along with the committee.