Worker's Party of Breckland

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Workers Party of Breckland
Chairman John Gordon
Slogan Workers of the World, Unite!
Founded 5 February 2015
Headquarters Woodlands
Newspaper Breckland Pravda
Youth wing Youth Pioneer Corp
Membership 5
Ideology Communism, Juche,
Political position Far Left
Official colors Red
Supreme Peoples Assembly
6 / 6
Party flag
1200px-Flag of the Workers' Party of Breckland.png

The Workers Party of Breckland is the only political party of the Democratic Peoples Socialist Republic of Breckland headquartered in Woodlands, Inner Breckland. It was established on 5 February 2015 by John Gordon.


Below are some of the policies that have or are planning to be enacted while in power.

• Strengthening Communism abroad and at home

• Creating 1 month plans during each Meeting of the Communist Party

• Ensuring smooth leadership within Government.