Nationalist Matachewan

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Nationalist Matachewan
Flaga Nationalist.jpg220px-POL województwo mazowieckie COA.svg.png

Independence is Only for the Strong
"Legionist March"
Matachewan Ontario
Capital city Matachewan
Largest city Matachewan
Official language(s) English, Polish
Official religion(s) Catholicism
Short name Matachewan
Demonym Matachewanian
Government Nationalist
- Marshal Brandon Mierzwa
- Head General Stefan Mierzwa
- Premier Kamiron Chaisson
Legislature Council of Generals
Established November 14th, 2018
Area claimed 11,395 km²
Population 150 (Official Citizens) (November Census)
Currency Matachewan Złoty
Time zone EST
National sport Baseball
National animal White Eagle
Patron saint Saint Andrew

Matachewan was formed on November 14th, 2018. By the former King of Matachewan Brandon Mierzwa.


The History of the Commonwealth goes back to the founding of the Kingdom of Matachewan or the Independent City of Matachewan. Now the Commonwealth of Matachewan was formed on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, by former King and President Brandon Mierzwa of the Kingdom of Matachewan/Republic of Matachewan. After the independence of the new state, Brandon failed to gain recognition by almost every micronation except for The Usla Empire. After the Commonwealth's Independence the Republic of Matachewan started to become a failed state and it was starting to become clear that Owen's leadership was becoming more questionable and Owen was even considering leaving office. Right when Brandon heard the news Commonwealth soldiers have already opened fire on Republican Troops. In 1 hour the Republic surrendered and the Commonwealth, Usla, and Louisiana Partitioned it.

Partitions of the Republic of Matachewan

On November 21, 2018, the Commonwealth of Matachewan was drawing up plans to invade the Republic and take back all of Matachewan. Brandon knew very well that he stood no chance against the Republican army so he called up some allies. Like the Usla Empire and the Free State of Louisiana. In the end, Brandon really didn't need them because the Republic was nearing collapse. Owen was going to give his power to the Vice President of Matachewan.


The Government of Matachewan is Nationalist.


Name Flag Capital
Lesser Matachewan Lesser Matachewan.jpg Matachewan
New Mazovia Mazovia.png Timmins
New Lwówskie Lwow.png New Lwów
Greater Matachewan Greater Matachewan.jpg New Poznań
New Smolenskie Smolenskie.png New Smolensk
New Pomorskie Pomorkie.png New Gdańsk
New Śląskie Flaga Slaskie.jpg New Katowice
New Podlaskie Podlaskie.png New Białystok

Political Parties

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies
Partia Nacjonalistyczna Matachewan PNM Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 22.24.29.png Brandon Mierzwa Far Right Nationalism
Democratic Party of Matachewan DPM Milaw Oakforrest Centrism Democratic
Liberal Party of Matachewan BPF Carl Williams Left-wing Liberalism
Independent Party I None Independent


Economy and Industry

Matachewan Złoty
Official users Commonwealth of Matachewan and the New Prussian Confederation
Unofficial users None
Pegged to USD and CAD. $0.20 USD - 5.00 zł. $1.00 CAD - 5.00 zł
Code MZ
Plural Złoty
Sub-unit Groszy
Coins 1 Gorszy, 5 Groszy, 10 Groszy, 25 Groszy
Banknotes 1 zł, 2 zł, 5 zł, 10 zł, 20 zł, 50 zł, 100 zł, 500 zł, 1000 zł
Central bank Bank of Matachewan
Printer Royal Matachewanian Mint
Mint Royal Matachewanian Mint

The Commonwealth's main industry is its clay mining and small-scale mercury mining. When we were mining for mercury our miners came across a vein of silver so small-scale silver mining may become a common practice.

The Commonwealth also produces weapons. The weapons made are for small game hunting but also for the military. Matachewan produces 1 artillery gun every 4 months, 5 muskets in 5 weeks and 10 pounds of ammunition every 2 weeks. Many of these weapons are stored away and outdated weapons are used as parts for new ones. (Example) Matachewan has converted 10 muskets into an Anti-Tank Gun. Our workshops also produce clothing for military and civilian clothing.

The Matachewanian Zloty stands at 5 Zloty to $0.20 USD and 5 Zloty to $1 CAD.

After the partitions of the Republic, many of the previously isolated people now have room to expand. The Canadian Pacific Railways own the rails on a macronational point of view but in Matachewan the rails are owned by the M.S.R. the Matachewan State Railways. Matachewan now has a bigger mining industry with news if new mines becoming operational. Most of the mines are owned by the Timmins and Kirkland mining companies but Matachewan also has a small scale clay and silver mining industry called the Matachewan Mining Company. Matachewan also produces small homemade automobiles and parts. Andrew Mierzwa Company is the producer of these cars and as of right now Andrew is working on the Mierzwa Model A a prototype still in development we hope with proper investment in our industry we could produce these cars every 1 month. 1 The month of production = 3 Automobiles.

Nature and Wildlife

Snow in Matachewan during November


The terrain of Matachewan is mostly made of Coniferous Forests and small mountains. The West Montreal River runs through the west of the country and the Montreal River runs through the capital and the south parts of the country. During the winters the rivers freeze and many of the people that live along the river go out and fish. This freezing does spark problems such as the main waterways are blocked so trade with the Natives stops till spring. Beaver trapping is harder because the beavers lodges are covered in ice and snow and during the spring when the ice melts the water level rises so many houses get flooded out. This hasn't stopped people from trying to build barriers and reservoirs. Many people would think how does the trade end in the winter? Well, there is no rails that run through our territory anymore and the major HWY always freezes over. Many people need to hunt or fish during the winter if they don't they will go hungry because of food shortages in the General Store. Now people have gotten used to this style of living so it's not really an issue. The only people who find it hard to live are the newcomers.

Foreign Relations

Other Countries

The Commonwealth has a Mutual Defense Pact with the The Usla Empire we also have an ambassador in the Federal Republic of Venstrål.

Countries that the Commonwealth Recognizes

Not Completely Recognized by Matachewan


Holiday Date Purpose
New Year's Day January 1 To celebrate the New Year
Brandon Mierzwa's Birthday June 30th To celebrate Brandon Mierzwa's Birthday
Józef Piłsudski's Birthday December 5 To celebrate the Polish hero's Birthday. Józef Piłsudski is also seen as a hero in Matachewan
Valentine's Day February 14 To celebrate the love for others and the people dear to us
Stefan Mierzwa's Birthday February 28 Celebrate Brandon Mierzwa's Great Grandfather's birthday
Matachewan Flag Day June 29th Celebrating the date Matachewan's flag was created
Polish Independence Day (Polish Holiday) November 11 To celebrate Polish Independence
Lent Shrove Tuesday - Holy Thursday 40 Days of Lent
Easter Sunday Easter Sunday To celebrate Jesus' love for us and sacrificing himself for us
Euginia Mierzwa's Birthday January 29 To celebrate the birthday of Brandon Mierzwa's Great Grandmother
Brandon Mierzwa's sisters Birthday October 20 To celebrate Jessica Mierzwa's Birthday
Independence Day November 14 To celebrate Matachewan's Independence
Thanksgiving (Canadian) Canadian Thanksgiving Day To give thanks
Christmas Eve December 24 To celebrate the Night before Christmas (Midnight mass is encouraged by the Government)
Christmas Day December 25 To celebrate Jesus' birth and spending time with your family
New Year's Eve December 31 To prepare for the New Year to arrive