Commonwealth of California

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Commonwealth of California
Pío Pico Bear Flag.png

Et Ursa non Obliviscar
(The Bear Long Remembers)
Capital cityFolsom
Largest cityCity of Folsom
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)No Official Religion
Short nameCalifornia
GovernmentFederal Presidential Republic
- PresidentVacant
LegislatureCommonwealth Senate
Area claimed13km²
Population17 (2016 census)
CurrencyU.S. Dollar / Paper and Gold Ducats (gold plate standard)
Time zoneWestern North American
National sportFour Square
National animalBlack Bear
Patron saintSt. Mary

The Commonwealth of California is a self-declared sovereign state, more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. Founded on 20 July 2016.


The California Commonwealth is named in honor of the State of California in the Western United States. The Commonwealth is the child nation of this state.


The Commonwealth was founded in 2016 as a break away state from the United States, being a "child nation". The Commonwealth was first founded as a alternative to the U.S. State of California's local government. Seven Californians held a constitutional convention declaring the Commonwealth of California a independent nation. The Commonwealth itself is not the whole of California proper, it is only a section of the Counties of Placer and Sacramento.

Government and politics

The Commonwealth is based off of the first Pennsylvanian constitution of 1778 there being a President and Vice President seating on a executive council called the Council of Directors. The President holds full executive powers, all other executive officials are appointed by the President and serve as at the president's pleasure. The Vice President presides over meetings of the Council of Directors and executes the office of president should, the President die, resign or becomes other wise unable to preform the full duties required. The Vice President doesn't become president if the presidency fall vacant, instead the Vice President becomes "Vice President, Acting President". Both the President and the Vice President are elected directly by the people of the Commonwealth. Officers of the Commonwealth are presidentially appointed officials, they are in order of creation Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Secretary at War, Superintendent of Finance, Chancellor of California, and Attorney General. There is only three civic governments in the Commonwealth, Folsom, Sacramento, and Rocklin-Lincoln each with a mayor. The Commonwealth Senate is the federal legislature, having the power to pass laws, declare war, consent to treaties, and declare a state of emergency. The Senate is made up of four senators-at-large including a Senate President who presides over that body.

Law and order

Justice in the Commonwealth of California is chiefly managed by the Chancellor of California and the Attorney General jointly. The Chancellor is chief judge of the Commonwealth, the Attorney General controls the office of Justice, pressing charges and generally preforming the duties of a prosecutor and state advocate.

Foreign relations

In the California Commonwealth foreign relations is managed by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.


According to the constitution of the Commonwealth, the President is commander-in-chief of all forces raised and to be raised in the Commonwealth. The Secretary at War is the uniformed head of the military and chairs the Board of War. The Military itself has only a army and navy. The military is completely ceremonial, the army wearing federal blue uniforms, while the navy wears white uniforms.

Geography and climate

The Confederation of Flevelt holds very little land however, the land that it does hold is mostly local bedrooms and other properties donated to the Commonwealth by citizens.


The Confederation of Flevelt currently produces no exports other than its labor force which works exclusively in the United States. Sun energy and imported U.S. energy is used to power homes which costs the Commonwealth some independence. The Confederation has procured coins to act as the gold plate standard, but presently the U.S. dollar is another form currency. The Federal Mint produces currency and is managed by the Superintendent of Finance.


Culture of the California Commonwealth is similar if not the same as the United States.