Commonwealth of British Dominions

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Commonwealth of British Dominions
Flag of Commonwealth of British Dominions
Logo of Commonwealth of British Dominions
Anthem: God Save the King

Working LanguageEnglish
TypeVoluntary association
Member states
6 states
• Head
King Charles III
• Governor
John Laverty
• Minister
Connor Shaw
• Established
17 March 2021

The Commonwealth of British Dominions is an intermicronational organization with the express purpose of uniting different micronational Dominions of the Crown of the United Kingdom. The Commonwealth was formed on 17 March 2021 by the Dominion of West Canada and the Dominion of Ulster as a partnership between micronations that share King Charles III as head of state and a common British political and cultural heritage.



The Commonwealth of British Dominions is heavily inspired and based upon the Commonwealth of Nations, and acts as a surrogate for Micronations who cannot attain proper membership. The original idea of a British Commonwealth came about in the 1950s, the term itself being coined by Queen Elizabeth II, an evolution of the British Empire, intending on converting it into a voluntary association.


The Commonwealth of British Dominions was originally founded as the "British Micronational Union", and is in some sense a spiritual successor to the British Commonwealth of Micronations. The Commonwealth was founded in March 17, 2021 between West Canada and Ulster and since then has grown up to 6 Member States. Governor-General Connor Shaw had a similar idea for a Micronational Commonwealth originating since the foundation of the Dominion of West Canada.