Commonwealth Independence-Colonial Nations

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Commonwealth Independence-Colonial Nations
Regional Organization
Logo of Commonwealth Independence-Colonial Nations.png

The unity of our nation

Based In / Headquarters Vesteralen, Edinburgh City, Queensland

Official language English, Thai


Head Edward IX of Queensland
Secretary-General Dame Sonya E. Malta Governor-General of Abercorn and St Albans Island
Chair-in-Office Sir Gustaf F. Ingrid

Establishment 30 November 2019

The Commonwealth Independence-Colonial Nations (CICN) is a Queensland regional organization. It was established to unite the offshore colonies of the Kingdom of Queensland. Come together into one organization Established on November 30, 2019 in line with the policy of then Prime Minister Charlotte E. Victoria, the Commonwealth Independence Nations now has 10 members with Monarch of Queensland as the highest head of the overseas colonial country and each country will have Governor-General and Prime Minister are their own.


The organization was established to serve the following purposes:

  • To create unity in the community.
  • Promote peace, harmony and unity among all members.
  • Promote cultural, heritage and tradition of Kingdom of Thailand and the member-nations at all platforms.
  • Represent as an united bloc at all international platforms.

Requirements for membership

Full membership

The following are the requirements that a nation must have in order to be a full member of the organization.

  • Must be an overseas country or colony directly to the Kingdom of Queensland.
  • Must be a nation based in Asia
  • Must not be imaginary or fictional.
  • Must not be at war with any other micronation.
  • Must have a stable government and population.

A nation having met all the above mentioned criteria shall be eligible for full membership in the organization.

Member of Commonwealth Independence-Colonial Nations

Flag Name Capital Head of Commonwealth Independence-Colonial Nations Prime Minister
Flag of Kingdom of Queensland (New 2021).svg Kingdom of Queensland Helsmariehamn Edward IX of Queensland Dame Armgard Margaret
Flag Name Capital Governor-General Prime Minister
Napoleon Island Flag.png Napoleon Island Napoleon Town Sir Johnson Michael KGMN Sir John B. Scott
Flag Abercorn and St Albans.png Abercorn and St Albans Charles City Lieutenant General Sir Alistair John KGLCAb Mr. George K. Michael
Flag of St Albans.png St Albans Island Richard City Sir Joseph M. Anthony Mr. Charles O. John
Flag of Wellington and St Andrews.png Wellington and St Andrews Wellington and St Andrews City General Olav J. Alexander Mr. Albert K. Andrew
Flag of George Island.png George Island Nordland Town Major-General Richard D. Edinburgh Ms. Margaret L. Sarah
Flag of Elizabeth Island.png Elizabeth Island Queen Elizabeth Town Dame Catherine Casey DGME Mr. John C. Edmund
Flag of Fabidouin Island.png Fabidouin Island Fabidouin Town Captain George D. Franklin Ms. Marguerite C. Margaret
Flag of State of Brussels.png State of Brussels Berkshire City Major General Sir Rendel Kingston KSB Sir Alexander M. Frederik
Flag of New Queenzealand.png New Queenzealand Rotorua City General Sir Thomas H. Francis Sir Kerry J. Tasman