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Queendom of Columbusstan

Libereco, Paco, Privateco
Capital cityKalgrin
Official language(s)Columbish, Esperanto, and English
Short nameColumbusstan
GovernmentElected Absolute Monarchy
Established10, 14, 2016
Area claimed21,780 Feet
National animalBlack Bear

Columbusstan is a nation that declared its independence in October 14th, 2016. It is one of the few micronations that support free and open source software.


Columbusstan was originally a temporary name as the nation was originally named Gestapo but when we saw the connections to Nazis of World War II we quickly changed it to the temporary name you see now. There was multiple attempts of changing the name using the basis of Columbusstan was a temporary name however none of them lasted long and it always went back to Columbusstan.


Reign of Queen Chloe:

Columbusstan was founded on October 10th 2016 as an experiment for then Queen Chloe and for a way to explore, robotics, cyber security and coding. The nation remained on Amino for many years until the Summer of 2019 when they finally left the Amino community for Twitter and joined United Sovereignties. They became a outspoken member and were very focused on helping the organization. In mid December Chloe spoke with Czar Archie Birch about joining Misberia as she had lost much motivation to keep it around, Archie agreed and on December 23rd 2019, Columbusstan joined Misberia as a commonwealth state.

Reign of Queen Laura:

Queen Laura took over Columbusstan after Queen Chloe decided to step down due to commitments else where and a lack of motivation to work on micronationalism, Laura has promised sweeping reforms, population increases and government functionality.

The Return of Queen Chloe

in late 2019 Queen Chloe returned due to the fact that she had a hard time not thinking about the nation and couldn't stop thinking of future proposals.

The Misberian Commonwealth disbands

After the Commonwealth disbanded we had to do our best to remain functional as we've been piggybacking off of Misberian law. So we are working on a new constitution which hasn't been finished yet as of March 17th 2020.


Culture and media

Evergreen Trees.jpg


people in Columbusstan are very smart when it comes to computers. The main part of our culture comes from the idea that we need the ability to edit what we own. For example if I buy Windows I should be able to modify it as as soon as I buy it it should be my property but it isn't because of stupid license agreements.


Columbusstan utilizes Github as a way to publicize government activities and Twitter to communicate with its citizens and progress on their projects.

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