Colossus Republic of Sparnia

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The Colossus Republic of Sparnia
300px Sparnia FlagSparnia Coat of Arms.jpg Coat of Arms

The Colossus will beat you!
'Look at them Uni's'
Capital city Sparnia City
Largest city New Colossus
Official language(s) Sparnian English
Official religion(s) Sparslism
Demonym Sparnian
Government Dictatorship
- God Danielio Danielio Colossus
- Lord Porridge Lord Porridge Colossus
Established June 2010
Area claimed unknown
Population 100,000,000,000
Currency Spoins
Time zone (UTC±0 to +1)
National animal Robot Unicorn

The Colossus Republic of Sparnia was Created by Danielio, Son of Lord Porridge of the royal Colossus family. The states of Sparnia is a superior nation in all aspects, everything from war to making sandwhiches.


The Colossus Republic of Sparnia was founded when Almighty Lord Porridge, created his grandfather, Eevandino Savanisino, and his son, Danielio Colossus. Danielio, from that day on, has risen large Armies, taken over the world called Earth, and eaten so much porridge, that not even God can eat that much. Danielio Colossus was then crowned god of Sparnia, Eevandino Savanisino was crowned King, and Namikus was given the Command of all armies of Sparnia. Namikus is also a spy, working against Sparnia's nemesis, The Oligarchic Republic of Schwefling. Namikus has for long been spying on schwefling under the alias of Danilisimo Hasomoso ,their diplomat to the late kill island. Our Prime Minister, Omeroo Tamatia, has been put as the prime minster, and is in charge of restoring The Dominion of Kill Island and making Kill Island an ally of Sparnia. Lord Porridge's Female Friend A.K.A Danielio's Mother, is Romenia Colossus, Queen of the Kitchen, who can cook most anything.


The Sparnian Army consists of many units:

-Sparnian Robot Unicorn Riders

-Sparnian Robot Pegasus Cannon Fighters

-Sparnian Lord Porridge, Almighty of all Sparnians

-Warlord Namikus, The Greatest

-Robot Alien Murder Cats

-Porridge's Doggeh Wolfs

-Sparnian Robot Wolf Riders

- Victorium mexicanius, second only to Namikus in the art of fighting

Special Events

Some special events in Sparnia are the Annual Sparnian Games. These games were started when Lord Porridge read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. So, he set up a real life Hunger Games, entitled the Annual Sparnian Games. Every year peasants come from all parts of Sparnia and fight to the death. This event was created for the amusement of Lord Porridge.

Royal Family

The Royal Colossus family are the Royals of Sparnia, gifted with the power of Colossus, whose true names and identities will never be mentioned.

-Romenia Colossus, Queen of the Kitchen

-Lord Porridge Colossus, The Almighty holder of the Colossus

-God Danielio Colossus, God of Sparnia, Holder of the Junior Colossus

-Grandfather Evandino Svanisio, Holder of the Ancient Colossus

-Namikus Colossus, Warlord of the Vast armies of Sparnia

-Omeroo Tamatia Colossus Leader of The Citizens of Sparnia, P.M of Sprain


The lands of Sparnia are lush and beautiful, covered by golden light and lollypop trees. The cities that are scattered across the beautiful land are huge and prosperous. But there is a secret to the land, for the land is actually Porridge and it contains the Pillar of Justice, the Pillar of Epicness, The Pillar of DOOOOOOM!, which is a huge Pillar of Porridge, Danielio, Omeroo, Namikus, Romenia and Eevandino. This pillar helps create happiness, success, wealth and so on.

The Capital is Sparnia City, the resting place of the Colossus Family. It is bordered by The Dominion of Kill Island, The Oligarchic Republic of Schwefling and U.S.A.


Sparnia's enemies are many, Evil Witch Queen Sophire, whose armies are comprised of the so-called 'Noobs'. Schwefling, Our enemies to the North, has men bordering many lands. The Colossus Republic of Sparnia finds no threat in Schwefling, as their government has frequently stated that they are "a peaceful nation". Sparnia still finds reason to fight with them. All other enemies of Sparnia were destroyed by our Mightiness.


Our allies are one group, The Dominion of Kill Island. Their warriors come to our lands daily, with food and drink, reports and stories. Victorium Mexicanius, our second commander, is the owner of Mexico, and maker of all supplies that go to Sparnia.


Mexico and Sprain (a play of words of Sparnia and Spain) are the main supply dispersers of Sparnia. London is our best food importer. Romenio Colossus also supplies our food.


One of Sparnia's main Memorials is named, The Statue of Nicolia Dixonia Sparnia's BEST DT Teacher, Teaching us the fun way. Sparnia will miss her, BYE MISS DIXONIA!