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The Grand Empiric Republic of Colonia is a micronation founded in 2015 by King Ethan I.

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The word Colonia is derived from Caranio, the word for Colonia in Colonian.

Modern Colonian History

Colonia was created in 2015 after inspiration from the micronation Gahooulia made him want to start one as well, which then sparked off inspiration to make =ANOMYNOUS= want to start a micronation called Doveland. Shortly after this, Ethan's younger brother started a micronation by the name of Nepolitan. While the "Inspiration Movement" was happening, Colonia had made a lot of thriving cities, with many of them being built with grandeur buildings, with many gothic, Victorian and classical buildings being built. There are even 3 palaces in the capital, Douglass.

Government and politics

Colonia is run by the king, who makes sure everything is in order. The next in charge is the president.

Law and order

Foreign relations

Colonian foreign relations include Gahooulia, Doveland and any who are willing to be.


Colonia is well-prepared for enemy movement and attack/defense. There are forts located all around the island.

Geography and climate

Colonia is located off the west of Ireland and the South of Iceland.


The currency of Colonia is Costinos: 1 Australian dollar's worth, and Fellapias: 50 Australian cents.


Calonia's ethics would be classified as 50% Scandinavian, 25% Irish/British, and 25% other.


Colonia's main form of media is through technological gadgests, such as iPhones, etc.

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