College of Arms (Baustralia)

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College of Arms
Crown corporation
IndustryHeraldic authority
FoundedMarch 10, 2018; 3 years ago (2018-03-10)
FounderKing John I
Area served
Baustralian Empire
Key people
Duke of Wells, Gadus Principal King of Arms
ServicesRecording, granting and regulation of heraldry, coats of arms and pedigrees
Number of employees
3 (2021)
ParentRoyal Household of Baustralia

The College of Arms is a royal college consisting of professional officers of arms, or heralds, with jurisdiction over the Baustralian Empire. It was founded in 2018 by royal charter of King John I. The heralds are appointed by the Baustralian Sovereign and are granted the authority to act on behalf of the Crown in all matters of heraldry.

The College has the authority over matters regarding flying flags on land, while the Admiralty regulates flags on the sea, and, through the Gadus King of Arms, maintains the register of arms and flags registered in Baustralia.

Officers of Arms

Coat of Arms of the Gadus King of Arms.svg

The Gadus Principal King of Arms, Gadus King of Arms, or simply Gadus is the most senior King of Arms of Baustralia. The current and fifth King of Arms is the Duke of Wells. The King of Arms is responsible for managing the College of Arms of Baustralia, and the Officers and Pursuivants of Arms of Baustralia. Additionally, they design arms for the Empire.

List of Gadus Kings of Arms
No. King of Arms Date appointed Armorial
I Coronation portrait of King John I.jpg King John I 10 March 2018 Royal coat of arms of Baustralia.svg
II CameronI-OfficialPortrait.png Duke of Northumbria 14 December 2018 Arms of the Duke of Northumbria (King of Arms variant).svg
III Coat of Arms of Hankery Jenkinson.svg Lord Jenkinson 2 January 2019 Coat of Arms of Hankery Jenkinson (KoA).svg
IV Jack Morris, 2020 pattern ambassadorial photo.jpg Lord Englewood 17 November 2020 Coat of arms of Jack Morris (KoA).svg
V CameronI-OfficialPortrait-March2021.png Duke of Wells 3 April 2021 Coat of arms of the 1st Duke of Wells.svg

Badge of the Chief Vexillologist of Baustralia.svg

The Chief Vexillologist is a position in the College of Arms. The current and first Chief Vexillologist is John Timpson. The Chief Vexillologist is responsible for managing all flags flown on land in Baustralia, while the Admiralty regulates flags flown on sea. It was created by Gadus Jack Morris in 2020, nine days after his appointment, and was given to John Timpson, the only Doctor of Vexillology in Baustralia. It was inspired by the position of Honorary Vexillologist to the Court of the Lord Lyon.

List of Chief Vexillologists
No. Chief Vexillologist Date appointed Armorial
I Sir John Timpson, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg Dr. Sir John Timpson DVex 26 November 2020 Arms of John Timpson.svg

Badge of the Timpson's.svg

The Timpson Pursuivant is a position in the College of Arms. The current and first Timpson Pursuivant is the Viscount Englewood. The Timpson Pursuivant is responsible for managing all genealogical and heraldic affairs for the House of Timpson. On 13 May 2021, it was created by the fifth Gadus, the Duke of Wells, and was granted to former Gadus, Lord Englewood.

List of Timpson Pursuivants
No. Timpson Pursuivant Date appointed Armorial
I Jack Morris, 2020 pattern ambassadorial photo.jpg Lord Englewood 13 May 2021 Coat of arms of Jack Ryan Morris in Baustralia.svg


In heraldic events, such as installations and such, officers of the College of Arms wear the naval No. 1A dress, army No. 2A dress, or air force No. 1 dress. A tabard is worn over top, with medals and breast stars worn over the tabard, and not under. Broad ribands are not worn, but collars are.

The national tabard, that is the tabard emblazoned with the national coat of arms, is worn by the Gadus King of Arms and the Chief Vexillologist. Pursuivants of arms wear the tabard of their house they are named after.