Cold-Heart War

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The Cold-Heart War
Date 21 April 2011 - 02 May 2011
Location Freedomia & Jerrington
Result Freedomian Victory, fall of Jerrington

link={{{2}}} Empire of Freedomia


link={{{2}}} Jerrington

link={{{2}}} Mark II
link={{{2}}} Dakoda George
link={{{2}}}Colonel Carl Rupertlink={{{2}}}Sir Trenton
link={{{2}}} Jarred I
Flagfreedomia.jpg 4
link={{{2}}} 1
Injuries and losses
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The Cold-Heart War was a military conflict between the Earldom of Jerrington and the Empire of Freedomia.



On 18 April 2011, Jarred I of Jerrington unlawfully crossed into Freedomian territory. Red Guard Commander Dakoda George, through the arsenal of the St. George Military Base, successfully repelled the intrusion.

Several days later, at the command of the Prime Minister Markus II, George attempted to make peace with Jerrington. Jarred responded, "You are a cold-hearted ass." On 21 April 2011 at 2:07 PM CST, the Senate unanimously voted in favor of war.


The territory of Jerrington, which was annexed .
On 2 May 2011, it appeared that the Jerrington insurgency had ended. Dakoda George continued to attack Jerrington and formally annexed the territory with the help of two others. For fifteen minutes, three Freedomian troops attempted to gain a foothold, and shortly afterwards Jerrington surrendered. Allegedly, ten-day celebrations followed the end of the war.