Cold-Heart War

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The Cold-Heart War
Date21 April 2011 - 2 May 2011
Freedomia & Jerrington
Result Jerrington surrenders; Earldom of Jerrington annexed into Freedomia


Empire of Freedomia


Commanders and leaders
Mark Williams
Dakoda George
Colonel Carl Rupert Sir Trenton
Jarred I

The Cold-Heart War was a brief conflict between the Earldom of Jerrington and the Empire of Freedomia.


The "cold-hearted ass"

The territory of the Earldom of Jerrington, which was annexed into the Grand Duchy of Carlington

On 18 April 2011, Jarred I of Jerrington crossed the border demarcating the Grand Duchy of Carlington and the Earldom of Jerrington: Dakoda George, using simple weapons, repelled the incursion, and reported to Prime Minister Williams of the crisis.

The Prime Minister and Lord George agreed to try to negotiate a peaceful settlement, but Jarred rebuffed the effort, famously replying: "You are a cold-hearted ass."

At 2:07 PM Central Standard Time on 21 April 2011, the government moved unanimously to declare war on Jerrington. George was given orders to remove the threat posed by Jerrington's continuous harrassments.


On 2 May 2011, Lord George, who had recruited two others, entered Jerrington and claimed it for Freedomia. It may have been that Jarred was present to defend his territory, but whatever happened, after fifteen minutes George declared victory and reported that Jerrington had surrendered.

To celebrate, the Prime Minister called for ten days of celebrations.

Later developments

At a later date, it may have been that Jarred I was unilaterally bestowed either a Freedomian peerage or knighthood as a gesture of reconciliation. This gesture was most probably the initiative of the Prime Minister, who made some efforts in the summer of 2011 to resolve differences with past enemies.