Colchesteze Soviet Socialist Republic

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Colchesteze Soviet Socialist Republic
"Workers of the world unite!"
Anthem: w:CSSR anthem
File:Https:// W8Co
StatusSelf-proclaimed w:Dictatorship
LocationNova Scotia, Bay of fundy
Official languagesEnglish, Russian, Portuguese
Ethnic groups
100% European
Roman Catholicism
Governmentsoviet communist
• Leader
Danny Trevorson
Matt Banman
LegislatureNova Supreme Soviet
1 December 2020
25 August 2021
40,000.50 km2 (15,444.28 sq mi)
• 2021 census
HDI 0.599
medium · 23rd
Currencysoviet ruble (₽)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright Antarctica is left
Calling codeno

The Colchesteze Soviet Socialist Republic or CSSR for short is a North American Micronation established in December 1st 2020 but the nova supreme soviet decided to do some crap starting in December 2020.

Bref History On December 1st 2020 a man named Xander created the Kingdom of Colchester and proclaimed himself as the tsar it was very inactive through out the time very poor unindustrialized economy and the people where pissed that their rich landlords taxed them big time even though they set up a colony in antarctica but in may 22nd 2021 tsar Xander's best friend Danny trevorson liked communism very much that with the people pissed at the tsar he can become the new face of communism so he talked to the people and the agreed with the idea then after three days the communist chads shot up yorktown and occupied the city and this was the start of the 2 month civil war in august 25th 2021 the tsar surrendered while his home was surrounded and the people where very happy that day and called it victory day and Danny proclaimed himself as leader of the new born CSSR and wanted the cssr to become a active and have a growing industrialized economy and make the people happy.