Codrii Vlăsiei News

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Codrii Vlăsiei News
FormatOnline website
Owner(s)Vlasynian Despotate
Founder(s) Ned V.
Founded22 February 2021
LanguageEnglish, Romanian
HeadquartersDivellis, Vlasynia

The Codrii Vlăsiei News (Romanian: Știrile Codrii Vlăsiei), is the official, state-run news agency of the Vlasynian Despotate. Hosted on Wordpress, it publishes news of national interest, with the focus on the state, the Princely Family, or both.


On 16 February 2021, HGM Despot Ned I of Vlasynia published the plans for Vlasynia 2021, an initiative which sought to consolidate several national elements both internally and externally. Among the clauses mentioned in the plan was the creation of an official, state-run news agency, which would later become Codrii Vlăsiei News.

Six days later, on 22 February, the news agency was officially established and given its current name. However, it wouldn't be until 26 April of the same year, the date on which Vlasynia's official website was launched, that Codrii Vlăsiei would publish its first article. Since then, the agency has somewhat regularly been posting articles whenever there have been any news of national interest.

On 23 June 2021, Codrii Vlăsiei News was declared an approved publication, thus gaining permission to post news to the headlines newsfeed.