Coat of arms of Vlasynia

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Coat of arms of Vlasynia
File:Vlasyn Coat of Arms.png
Lesser coat of arms
ArmigerVlasynian Despotate
Adopted24 October 2018
21 February 2021 (modified to its current form)
EscutcheonBlack, the top of the shield shaped like a wave, under which lies the letter V, under which lies a band connecting one side of the shield's border to the other, under which lies a spike-like band pointed upwards; The shield's border, the letter V and the two bands are colored silver
SupportersTwo standing lions
MottoAeterna Gloria
UseOn official documents and decrees, as well as on the reverse of the Vlasynian leu banknotes (greater coat of arms)
On the obverse of the Vlasynian leu banknotes (lesser coat of arms)

The coat of arms of the Vlasynian Despotate was initially adopted on 24 October 2018, when Vlasynia adopted a completely different flag, coat of arms and motto. It was modified in its current form on 21 February 2021, after the motto had been changed from Vivat Magna Vlasinia to Aeterna Gloria. WIP