Coat of arms of Abrus

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Royal Coat of Arms
Royal coat of arms.png
ArmigerThe Kingdom of Abrus
CrestKnight Helmet
EscutcheonA two-headed eagle and a lion.
MottoFür König und Vaterland

The coat of arms of Abrus represents the nation and the Queen! The motto: Für König und Vaterland is German for "For King and country" (as the first monarch ever of Abrus was a king).

Royal Family

Coat of Arms Shield of Armes Bearer Description
Sean Coat of Arms.png Sheild of Arms of Sean I.png Sean, Prince of Anastasia Prince of Anastasia (Crown Prince): Designer of Coats of Arms, chose designs on his shield.
Tyler Coat of Arms.png Sheild of Arms of Tyler.png Tyler, of Weiße Decke 2nd Son of Her Majesty. He chose the design of this shield.