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—  City  —
Governmental House (unfinished)
Nation Flagofdelvera.jpg Grand Republic of Delvera
Province Flagoflavrasia.jpg Lavrasia
Territory Flag of Colo.png Colo
Incorporated 6 June 2015
 - Mayor John Goldsmith
Population (2015)
 - Total 3 (none permanent)
Time zone US Central (w:UTC-6)

Clanston ([KLAN-stuh-n]) is the capital city of the Province of Colo. Clanston is only temporarily inhabited by a Delveran citizen, John Goldsmith, because of a controversy regarding completion of the Governmental House.


Clanston includes three structures, one of which is temporarily inhabited by members of the Goldsmith family. The Governmental House is not inhabitable because of delays in construction brought on by a negligent contractor who is currently engaged in a legal battle with the Goldsmith family. In the interim, family members sometimes live in an adjacent garage.[1]