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Capital cityCivitas
Official language(s)English, French, Mandarin, and Civitian
- PrincepsQuinn Jarvis, Pierce Anderson, and Hunter Link
Area claimed4.13mi²
Population8 (as of 2019 census)
CurrencyCivitian Dollar
Time zone(UTC-7:00)
National animalHummingbird

The Republic of Civitas is a micronation founded some time in late 2018 by Princeps Quinn Jarvis, Pierce Anderson, and Hunter Link.


The name Civitas came from the desire to create a community so the founders turned to Google Translate. Eventually, the princeps settled on the Latin word for community, civitas.


In the beginning, the oligarchy of princeps was made up of seven members. Eventually, due to infighting, Princep Jarvis took control of the government restructuring it to have only three princeps who currently reign today.

Government and politics

The ruling body of Civitas is its oligarchy featuring three princeps, each representing a different province.

Law and order

The police body of Civitas is led by Police Chief Smerchek and currently has no other officers.

Foreign relations

Currently, Civitas holds no relations to any other nation.

Geography and climate

Civitas is located on the front range of the Rocky Mountains giving is a relatively dry climate with yearly highs of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, to lows of -10. It's physical makeup includes a small portion of farmland, half of a golf course, a small lake, and a single city.


The Civitian economy is based solely on small businesses including the Red Fez Delivery Company and the Jarvis Certification Company.


Civitas is famed for its view of the Twin Peaks.

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