Civic democratic party (Mikkelsund)

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Civic democratic party of Mikkelsund
Civildemikrattikken partag vi Mikkelsund
Leader Raimund Groetwaagen
Chairperson Saagmar G. Wielde
Founded March 20, 1991
Headquarters Herverhyym, Reege- str. 19, Stat vi Mikkelsund
Newspaper Mikkelsundikken Tyymid
Youth wing June organisation vi CDP
Ideology mikkelundian Nationalism, Liberalism, democracy
Official colors Light blue

Civic democratic party (mikkelsundian Civildemokratikken Partag - CDP) is the on of the political parties in Mikkelsund. During later elections , CDP gain 30% of votes. With NW( gain 40%), they make the coalition in bevelsaeten. Chairman of party is Wielde Saagmar Goedritten, but idea leader is Groetwaagen Raimund Gyydlyyben. It is right- winged liberal-democratic party, that forms a counterweight to nationalistic party called Nasjonael Witgegrijd, nowadays the greatest political party in Mikkelsund. From 1991- 2009, it was the greatest political power in Mikkelsund - win every election. From 2009 to 2011 it was the crisis of the party, because SoPaM was separated from party and made left-winged opposition thet win the 2009 elections. Nowadays, they are in the coalition, but they are not greatest political power.