Town of Todge

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Town of Todge

잊지 못 해요 (Korean: Never forgotten)
My Old Kentucky Home by Stephen Foster
Bronston, Kentucky, United States
Official language(s)Federal languages, Navārdian, Korean
Official religion(s)Baptist Christianity
Short nameTodge
- Prince EternalWilliam von Navārdia
- GovernorPosition Vacant
- MPRaven Corteir
EstablishedSeptember 29th, 2019
Area claimed0.713 acres
US Dollar accepted unofficially
Time zoneUTC-4:30

The Town of Todge is an uninhabited parliamentary district of Navārdia, a province of the Phoklandian Free State. It was an honorary district of its previous incarnation, the Grand Duchy of Navārdia. The town is bordered on all sides by the United States of America.

Todge is a monarchy, with a prince eternal acting as head of state and a governor acting as head of government. Though the head of state of Todge, William von Navārdia, has been selected, the town will remain without a head of government until a suitable governor is found.