Parish of Orbly

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Not to be confused with Orly or Oblea.

Parish of Orbly
Parroquia de Orbly
Paroko de Orbly

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La malmultaj, la aŭdacaj, la ekscentraj (Esperanto: The few, the bold, the eccentric)
Peachtree City, Georgia, United States
Official language(s)English, Spanish, Naverian, Esperanto
Official religion(s)Roman Catholic majority
Short nameOrbly
- GovernorCasper von Naveria
EstablishedJanuary 1st, 2020
September 9th, 2019 (as Capital Province)
Area claimed0.9 acres
Time zoneUTC-4:30

Official Newspaper

The Parish of Orbly is the capital parish of the Commonwealth of Naveria. It consists of a house bordered by the American city of Peachtree City. Orbly was formerly a province called Capital, and went through several government forms before finally becoming a parish. Orbly is the cultural and diplomatic center of Naveria. It is known for its various treasures, exquisite holiday galas and the Orblian Observer, a newspaper written and published by the Duke of Naveria.


The name Orbly comes from oorblysfel, the Afrikaans word for remnant. When it was named, Orbly was a Grand Duchy in the Navārdian Free Land, and was considered to be the sole remnant of the original Navārdian monarchy. The parish's previous name, Capital, came from its status as Navārdia’s capital.


Orbly is home to the Duke, royal family and royal pets of Naveria - three humans and three animals in all. The residential property in which the royals live also contains the Naverian International Museum and its vast collection of currency and flags. South of the building, there is a somewhat large woodland which provides scenic views and wildlife. Birds, rodents, lagomorphs and deer can be found in the woods at various times.

Sister Cities

Orbly is or has been twinned with:

  • Ponce.svg Ponce, Paloma (21 May 2020 to present)
  • Cannatriea.png Cannatriea, Jutar (20 June 2020 to present)
  • Flag of Sabiland (Naveria).svg Sabiland (26 August 2020 to present)