City of Orbly

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Not to be confused with Orly or Oblea.

City of Orbly

La malmultaj, la aŭdacaj, la ekscentraj (Esperanto: The few, the bold, the eccentric)
Peachtree City, Georgia, United States
Official language(s)Federal languages, Navārdian, Esperanto
Official religion(s)Roman Catholic majority
Short nameOrbly
- MayorCasper von Navārdia
- MPCasper von Navārdia
EstablishedJanuary 1st, 2020
September 9th, 2019 (as Capital Province)
Area claimed0.775 acres
Population2 residents
1 noncitizen resident
US Dollar accepted unofficially
Time zoneUTC-4:30

Official Newspaper

The City of Orbly is a parliamentary district within the Phoklandian province of Navārdia. It acts as Phokland’s capital, and Navārdia’s provincial capital. Orbly’s physical territory consists of a house bordered by the American city of Peachtree City. Before Navārdia merged with Phokland, Orbly was a province called Capital.

Orbly is the cultural and diplomatic center of eastern Phokland. It is known for its various treasures, exquisite holiday galas and the Orblian Observer, a newspaper written and published by a resident.

Currently, the current mayor of Orbly is Casper von Navārdia, who is also serving as parliamentary representative of the city.


The name Orbly comes from oorblysfel, the Afrikaans word for remnant. It was named as such in a period of time when Orbly was a Grand Duchy, which was considered the continuation and sole remnant of the Navārdian monarchy. Its previous name, Capital, came from its status as Navārdia’s capital.


  • Orbly is home to a museum of international currency and flags. It currently hosts three unique flags and fourteen currencies.
  • The Orblian woods are filled with wildlife and scenic views. Animals known to inhabit the woods include birds, rodents, lagomorphs and deer.
  • Holiday galas are often hosted in Orbly.
  • Orbly is home to three house animals, the most of any district in the province. Currently, this includes the Chief Mouser, Thai.